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When students look for the best online education opportunities, they start by asking the simplest of questions: How much does an online degree cost?

Figuring out your best option can take time, this is why you need to take your time when making the decision. But you should know one thing. A masters degree online or bachelor online programs are overall more affordable than they traditional counterparts.

So if finances are an issue for you, then it might be smart to consider taking the route of online education. But choosing the most affordable masters degree online or bachelor program might still not solve the whole problem.

Online degree programs still cost a fair share, but the good news is that as a student of an online degree, you can access school grant programs or scholarship. These money grants are basically free money amounts you can use to pay for your degree programs.

And unlike other financial aid options, you don?t have to pay it back once you?ve graduated from your online degree.

How do you land a school grant? Well you do a lot of searching and applying. And you don?t give up either. In the end all the effort will pay off, as you will be able to fund at least a big part of your online education.

It?s starting out that?s the hardest part, but once you submit a few applications, you?ll quickly get the hang of it. School grant programs are widely available for all types of students including those enrolled with a masters degree online, so at graduate level. As you are starting out, you should try and search for grants targeting students with the same major as you.

For example, if you?re pursuing online education in nutrition you might be interested in applying to the Healthcare Scholarships offered by the PHNCF. The USDA 1890 National Scholars Program might also be worth looking into if you are a student of Black minority.

Alternatively, students of degree programs in Physics have also a fair share of choices. For example, there?s the Angela Award which is open to female students. Or the Don and Sybil Harrington Scholarship which also welcomes applications from those pursuing a degree in engineering and mathematics.

These are only a few examples, but you can find many more opportunities just like these online. Just use your major to search and apply for scholarships. You won?t regret it once you get your hands on that handy money for college.

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234 Responses

  1. Am a undergraduated student who wish to progress in academics by aiming to be one of the developers of the world but issue of funds is becoming my barrier .

  2. Am also an undergraduated student who wish to progress in academics by aiming to be one of the developers of the world but issue of funds is becoming my barrier .

  3. I\’m a undergraduate who wish to study GIS and Remote Sensing, but due to finacial dificulties i\’m unable to persuit my dream.

  4. I\’m undergraduate bt with aims n ability more with potential of studying medicine and clinical medicine , looking for scholarship to study abroad

  5. Am finishing up with my undergraduate bachelor degree July 2019. Am requesting for financial support to further my studies at masters level in Business administration. Thanks

  6. I am an undergraduate student and communication intern in UN, I long to study Master\’s International Relations or Communication anywhere in the world, hope any assistance to gain a scholarship.

  7. I am in my final year in secondary school and by next year i will be through with school please i need a scholarship to study medicine abroad

  8. am having a certificate in medical laboratory technology and would wish to upgrade to a diploma level.
    but I luck funds please.
    if anyone good and Godly person or institute can help me with a sponsor or scholarship I will be very grateful.
    thank you.

  9. please I am an undergraduate student studying Bsc physics ,level 200,now ,please I need scholarship to continue my studies abroad

  10. Am also an undergraduated student who wish to progress in academics by aiming to be one of the developers of the world but issue of funds is becoming my barrier .

  11. I\’m undergraduate student who wants to pursue my dreams to become a civil engineer someday. But because of lack of funds I need to stop in my studies. I\’m hoping for any scholarship.

  12. It has always been my dream to be a business administration. ….but no money please I want to study in any country please help

  13. I am a clinical medicine student,completed my diploma this year and a very much willing to proceed with medicine but I have funds to pay fees is really a barrier to me.I wish you could consider me.

  14. Im Siphumelele Precious Mngomezulu, my wish is to do Engineering science abroad but I don\’t have and in need of financial support

  15. hy,
    this is Safina Akaram from Pakistan. i want scholarship for Australia. it is my dream to continue my study in abroad with best scholarship. please help me how i apply for Australia or any other abroad country scholarship.
    hank you! hope for the positive response.

  16. I have completed my secondary school but I need to study in university the problems is can ,t reach it with out sponsors ,can you help me to get them? thank you!

  17. I\’m a graduate with First Class honours in B. Ed in mathematics who wishes to my masters of science in mathematics in abroad to access quality higher education. I honestly need a scholarship to further my studies. Thank you.

  18. I got my first degree and also want to obtain my second degree aboard to specific Australia but there is no sponsor.

    I\’m hopeful of getting sponsorship from any humanitarian organization or individual.


  19. I have completed my high school and am searching for a scholarship to study medicine, please give me an opportunity to prove myself

  20. I need free secholarship100% free in engineering field am undergruate studeant in unity unversity in addis ababa pelase help me am fincincal problem this the only chance i have

  21. I do hold a bachelor and Masters of Science in Counselling.I am looking for a full cover scholarship in PhD Social Science in Counselling.I want to study either Distance education or online.Thank you.

  22. hello am Christopher kallon from sierra Leone west Africa ,am a kidney persistent i have been suffering for a long time growing up with a kidney problem but i thank god i was help with a kidney from my mummy in Ghana. so i was treated in the hospital for 3 month, i went back to my country. i started going to school and am now suppose to go on studies but am really am so sorry for losing my mum and daddy in 2016, i need help to further my education please?

  23. I want to be mechanical engineering to make my dreams came true I was study level of mechanical college help me please

  24. Hi! I\’m Bechir Issa, Chadian by nationality, i really want to get a standard education to develop my faculties. Thanks

  25. hi! I am Gifty Asamoah a Ghanaian who wants to study biomedical science.. please I need a scholarship to help me achieve this aim

  26. Am an undergraduate nd i completed my A level last year the problems is my dad cannot afford to pay fr my tuition fees for me to further my studies..plz help

  27. I completed my BGCSE…the problem is my family can\’t afford to pay fr my tuition fees please are my last hope

  28. I\’m a preparatory highschool student I want this scholarship program to help me with some financial costs and I really wanna get the chance to study in your university because here after you graduated there is no job and opportunity

  29. I graduated in BA in textile engineering and i want study my masters my family are not capable to cover it please make my dream true i want to change my self and upgrade faculty in ethiopia country ,best regards

  30. good morning, i have adisabled child 14 years,
    i started agroup of families with disabled children, widows and orphans in our area( ntungamo district, uganda country +256778845917 , kindly grant us to start ahardware shop, which we hope to call ( DISABLED, ORPHAN AND WIDOW HARDWARE SHOP) i would like to be giving all mentioned above, their our familes are poor, they cant get all neceseties at home and education is low in our children,
    so kindly grant my group. thank you.

  31. hey sir/madam I want scholarship to study international relationship and I am a undergraduate wising to fulfill my dreams

  32. I am a graduate and did vocational studies in Art and Design with education. I wish to attain a full time masters degree scholarship. Can you kindly help me out. Thanks

  33. Iam an undergraduate student who wishes to continue with the studies but the issue of funds is becoming a problem, please look foward for your kind help
    Thank you

  34. Hi Sir/Madam,

    I need this scholarship, please take me.Am undergraduate, but i possess a Diploma in Community Development.
    I want to upgrade in Bachelor\’s Degree in social sciences or social work or any program related to Community Development.
    Please consider me.
    Thanks alot

  35. I am Daniel Gbani from Sierra Leone west Africa I need a scholarship to pursue my studies, my family is poor and couldn\’t afford to pay for me to further my studies and my mum and dad past away during the Ebola stuck in sierra Leone please help me to further my studies

  36. I am from Ethiopia I need fully funded scholarship MA programme because I was raised in a poor family and can not afford to pay my fee and accommodation.

  37. I want to boost my studies in abroad biomedical engineering is my course please help me to get full scholarship, Thomas Matthews is my name.

  38. Nice to have this opportunity ro continue my srudy abroad. I am Eritrean nationality from sudan I have completed 12 plus one there in Eritrea in2007. Since from that time I am searching for some scholarship funds to my study abroad. I want to study computer science. I need your help to join this scholarship .thanks more nice to hear from you soon.

  39. Hello.. Iam Achieng Priscilla and want to pursue a bachelor\’s degree in oil and gas.. Will appreciate your financial support. Thanks

  40. I\’m an undergraduate student pursuing accounting course but due to lack of support I\’m unable to pursue my course.
    I need any help I can get

  41. My name\’s are Isaac nnamdi testimony, it has been my dreams to study aboard, but because of financial situation it was difficult for us, I didn\’t give up to my faith, then I believe I will be favour here. Sir please I need your help in this situation, My hope is on you sir. Thanks

  42. I have completed College of Education with Diploma In Basic Education. I majored in Elective Science and Elective mathematics. Now teaching Science and Mathematics in a basic school. I want scholarship to study political science, please help.

  43. I am in Rwanda and i have already accomplished my secondary class in a ttc school / teacher training college/ and I need scholarship to continue in educational psychology. Please help me.

  44. I would like to study online. I also would like to plead for all my M.ed study be covered.I will very very glad for that aid.

  45. My name is yasmin belmoudaa , it has been my dreams to study aboard, but because of financial situation it was difficult for me, I didn\\?t give up to my faith, then I believe I will be favour there. Sir please I need your help in this situation, My hope is on you sir. Thanks

  46. hi. I am from Tanzania and I would love to study bachelor in biomedical science.Please help me with a schorlarship.

  47. Reallyi havebeenfascinatedto informabout yours co activitie. Dear Administratio, Take care of brilliant on all over the worl.

  48. My name is Kauthar, I\’am from South Africa, I would like to pursue a career in Education and need a scholarship please.

  49. my name is Franklyn Stanley from sierra Leone west Africa, i have five certificate, and now i want to have the opportunity to further my bachelor degree in business administration

  50. Hello am Edith Kenyan citizen i did diploma in clinical medicine and surgery, i need scholarship to do medicine. please consider me.
    Thank you

  51. I would like to request for fully funding Scholarship in Masters in Energy in any recognized University in Tanzania and Abroad, I t should be the choice of the Board of the Scholarship to help me to pursue the intended course of study

  52. I am Mulenga Emmanuel aged 21 years double orphaned,Zambian by nationality I want to study biomedical engineering but I couldn\’t make it due to financial situation please consider me

  53. I\’m studying Criminalogy doing on line and completed my phase 1. I can\’t continue due to financial constraints

  54. I\’m studying Criminalogy doing online and completed phase 1. I can\’t continue my other phases 2,3 and 4 due to financial constraints

  55. Hellow.. I am a tanzanian student i completed my high school last year am in need of taking a clinical pathology please i would like to be given a chance for a scholarship

  56. Hello am BAMWAGALE who wishes to get a scholarship in bachelors of pharmacy but I don\’t have tuition so I need any sort of help so that I can fulfil my dram

  57. My name is Molister Sarah Mapuranga. I am applying for a scholarship which will help me to pay my fees at Living Waters Theological college.

  58. I am in the Pretoria technical college, South Africa please I am looking for fundings to be able to study, at the moment I am struggling to pay for the tuition fees please help me..

  59. Hello, I am Matthieu
    I just got my bac last year and I want a scholarship to study electrical engineering abroad. I hope you will make my dream a reality

  60. I\’m in strong need of getting scholarship in PHD of Healthcare in public or clinical areas in county you are functional online or sandwich form

  61. Me, Yehualashet Assefa from Haramaya University Ethiopia, I am graduated BSc degree in Economics , Master degree Agricultural Economics , I need to fully funded scholarship Ph.D. Degree | Economics

  62. I am Not now Dogba , I graduated from senior high school and I want to further my education to become an accountant

  63. Am 17yrs old and I believe I can make my parents proud,so please grant me free scholarship so that I can study abroad and have a successful life even if am poor

  64. I need scholarship to further my education, please I need scholarship to study in Europe or America please help me.

  65. I am in my final year in secondary
    school and by this year august i will be
    through with school please i need a
    scholarship to study medicine abroad

  66. I\’m Grace, 21years from Ghana,I have diploma in basic education and I really want to continue my education pls help me

  67. Hello Sir!
    I\’m looking for a fully-funded scholarship to explore with my studies.
    I have been facing financial hardship right from the time when I complete a diploma in human nutrition.
    please help me out of this situation.
    many thanks,

  68. I\’m Francis Agibu Kargbo from Sierra Leone. I need a scholarship to read Bachelor Science (BSc) Degree in Applied Accounting. I would be very greatful if you would consider my request favourable.

  69. I am a certificate holder in information and communication technology study, looking forward to study a bachelor degree anywhere in the world if i find scholarship.

  70. I\’m looking for a scholarship to finish my study I took up Tourism course and I badly want to finish it. It\’s because I\’m going to help my family and myself .

    Please help me anyone

  71. Hello…am Dee Achieng\’ Nyakado… licensed with Nursing council of Kenya after doing my diploma in nursing course at kenya medical training college in kitui.Am humbly requesting for scholarship to do my degree in nursing since i still have that passion for my course

  72. My name is mark john came from philippines i want to finish my college and to help my parent too and to fulfill my dreams thats why im applying your scholar this is a big oppurtunity in me to apply and pass your scholar thank you and God bless

  73. Hi? my name is Nzeyimana Denis from Burundi, I need scholarship to study, degree bachelor in economic. thanks!!

  74. I\’m swezinwin.Now I\’m studying INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS in Mandalay University.I really want to success in my life. I want to lead my family.Thus I need many oppotunities. In my country, there is no part time jobs for university students.I want to attend university in abroad to get chances.But it is very expensive to be able to attend in abread.That\’s why scholarship is very very important for me. Thank u very much.

  75. hi im mosa selebalo and i would like to get fundings/schoolarship to study medicine next year…please please i really really need help

  76. Please am Baidoo Nicholas from Ghana,I have been admitted at the university of capecoast to pursue a two year Mathematics and science Education but there is no money for me to pay my fees. Please help me to pay my fees. I want you to offer me with your scholarship so I can continue my education please.
    My student ID: BEP/AS/01/18/0006
    Looking forward to positive result. Thank you

  77. Some student need money for boozing and do what ever they want as a result the chances for peoples like us get unattended in our application request .Now i have years at home with my good result .I did try and i am steal trying but nothing forward in my jeouney of dream please its hard to survive with a unpursuated dream becauz of one thing (money)

  78. am interested in applying to the Healthcare Scholarships…. i need to study online….can you help me ?

  79. Please help me i truly want this scholarship to make my dreams come true.
    I look forward to have positive results from you. Thank you.

  80. Please help me to achieve my dream, by given me a scholarship to pursue my dream of being a SOCIOLOGIST
    I want to study SOCIOLOGY as its has being my dream curse in future. Thank i\’m looking up to you for your respond back.

  81. My name is melkamu tadesse weteko from Ethiopia . I have BA degree by health service management .so am interested to study masters degree by yours support please help me!

  82. Hello, i am already admitted to read pharmacy and i really need the scholarship but unable to register

  83. if i can have a full sponsorship i will be very grateful and also help on how to go about with the registration, it will be helpful.

  84. Sir,

    Please assist me with money to pay for my degrees in leadership and management in Fiji or Australia Pacific college and Australia national University leadership programmed.

    I need you help very much.

  85. I have an offer at the South Australia University to degree course, please assist me with a full scholaship to pay fees and course fees s well.

    Thank You very much.

  86. I am Bethlehem.I am from Ethiopia I want to study in medicine departement now I am grade 11 student. I need to get this good opportunity with the help of you and God .So, I need this scholar to learn university abroad. Please help me to target my childhood dream please offer.. to get full scholarship?

  87. Hi,I hold diploma in Kenya registered and community health nurse and I would like to pursue bachelor in nursing though I lack funds.please help me out because I really need to study in your college

  88. I am a graduate with first class honors in Bsc degree on 2012 in \’Natural Resource Management\’ field of study, Moreover I have more than six year work experience in \’Climate Change Adaptation and Natural Resource Management\’ Officer/Experts at both Governmental and None Governmental organisation. With this regard I heartily need a fully funded grant to further study my masters in \’Climate Change Adaptation\’ field of study, every where around continents.

  89. My name is Clotilda Claudia Harry, please offer me a Scholaship to further study diploma to master science in leadership and management abroad on online with you.

    Thank you very much.

  90. Hi, my name is Vicky Geoffrey. Please offer me a scholarship to further my studies. i have always want to be a aircraft engineer-mechanical to be specific. Due to no funds i can not further my education. i am lucky to receive your email. In my country we do not have colleges that offer engineering courses, only overseas and with our low currency it is really hard. Please offer me a scholarship, I have no where else to ask for it. you wont regret it.

    Thank you for your time.

  91. would want to go for Mine Engineering but lack of finance has became a hindrance… can i be considered…

  92. Thanks more nice to have this opportunity to continue mt study abroad. I am so interested in this scholarship garnts.

  93. thank you for giving me this information and I\’m so happy for what you done to the people
    who real fight to make their dream come true bat also i should take this chance to ask for forgiveness because i have graduate in O-level education and I\’m asking for diploma of mechanical engineering and not degree so at first I did mistake on applying degree scholarship online. thank you so much

  94. I am Mohammed Abegaz from Ethiopia I graduated from Adama Science and
    Technology University with Bachelor Science Degree (BSc) in the field of Geomatics
    Engineering. . I am interested to learn Geospatial or
    geodesy engineer (M.Sc.) by a full scholarship. If it possible, please help me by giving
    and providing any information to me about this scholarship which is related to any
    geospatial fields.

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