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Computer science students can apply for this $1,000 bursary

If you have an empty bank account, and yet desire to enroll with one of the accredited schools online or traditional, don?t worry you?re not the only one. Actually, the majority of students are probably in the same position as you.

Fortunately, there are ways to ensure you can make your college education online or offline experience more affordable. If you?re still looking at accredited schools online or on-campus, make sure you prioritize the most inexpensive ones.

It might make a lot of economic sense for you to consider applying for an online bachelor degree. University online degrees are usually more cost-friendly when compared to their traditional counterparts.

We?re not talking only about tuition here. You?ll also be saving on additional costs such as money you?d otherwise spend on room and board. University online degrees allow you to study from home, thus eliminating the need to spend more than you have to.

Just remember that if you do opt for an online bachelor degree or any other online degree programs, they should be offered by accredited schools online. Enrolling with a non-accredited college education online institution is a real danger today and you need to take every precaution necessary.

There are many online bachelor degree providers these days, but not all them have received accreditation. Accreditation is a tool used to monitor and evaluate the standards and quality of education offered by a certain university.

And if your provider is not accredited, you risk graduating with a degree that won?t be taken seriously by employers.? So be very careful which college education online provider you sign up with.

Anyway, while online degree programs are indeed more affordable, that doesn?t mean online students won?t need additional help when it comes to funding their degree. Fortunately, those enrolled with university online degrees are eligible for funding just like their traditional counterparts.

If you already know your major, you can easily search for scholarships. Here?s a scholarship example for students enrolled with degree programs in computer science.

The grant is offered by Study.com is open for those pursuing one of these majors:

  • Computer science
  • Computer engineering
  • Computer information systems
  • Software engineering
  • Information Technology Management
  • Networking Technology
  • Database Management
  • Computer Programming

If that sounds like you, then you?re invited to fill out the official scholarship application form. You?ll need to provide Study.com with personal info such as the school you?re attending (or plan to attend), current GPA and your major.

You?ll also required to answer the following question:

?How will winning this scholarship help you achieve your dreams??

The deadline to apply for this grant is April 2018. The winner will receive a scholarship worth $1,000.


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