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You Could Use Social Media to Evaluate a Potential College

The very moment you find it difficult to do an in-person visit to your prospective college, you will find it hard to evaluate if such school is the right choice for you or not. Discerning correctly can be more difficult if you are applying to many colleges across the country. Financially and logically, it can be very hard to visit all the schools in person.

Fortunately, you can get insights into the culture of these schools by visiting their social media channels ? you will get tons of info which the schools post on their social media. According to the survey report from educations.com, this information released on their social media are helpful to prospective students.

According to the survey conducted on over 20,000 students, they wind-swept the social media channels of prospective abroad higher institutions to get videos, photos, infographics, and some even visits the website of the school they want to study at ? all these accumulated info gotten online influenced the decisions of many students before deciding where they want to earn their degree from.

So, with all these bulk info out there online, what criteria and features do you pick and evaluate with? How can you discern a right or wrong school for your dream course? We will teach you how to evaluate a school?s culture via their social media posts.

Define the main concern of a school

By now you should know that most schools hire social media managers to help manage their social channels ? and of course, make the institution look great. Surfing through the social media accounts of the schools you have in mind can give you clues of what the school values and prioritizes more. When you visit their social links, you look out if the school often post about their latest academic researches, emphasizing on famous Alumni of the institution, or if they are posting local events and student organizations for students. With these info gotten, you can discern which area the school is focusing more on ? whether campus events, sports, educational research, or graduate/undergrad studies.

Assess the Tone of the Institution

Some higher institutions can be dry and quite old-fashioned whilst others can be fun, modern and light-toned. Mentally, you may have picked the fun and light-toned culture but the truth is, none is better than the other. But going through their social posts will give you insights into what it would feel like, to study in such institution. Their social media posts will give you a virtual image of the school?s activities ? extracurricular and academic.

Visiting their YouTube channel will also help you in making firm decisions about the prospective higher school of learning.

Weigh Their Social Presence Here, looking for clues will be the right thing to do ? comparing the media channel of the students of the school and that of the institution is one right thing to do. You have to check if students of the school are proud of their school and posting about the school on Instagram, Twitter or other places. Are they posting about sports, party, academics, or what exactly? If you check all these, then you ask yourself if the institution is right for you. More research on their social channels will help you understand the school you want to enroll in and decide the right way.

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