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SDG Fellowships 2021 in Germany

University of Bonn offers a fellowship this year 2021 that will aim to invite all PH.D. Scientist in all areas of research that will primarily conduct on a specific topic that will be addressing the SDG or the sustainable Development Goals as a set forth of the Agenda 2030 by the United Nations for the Sustainable Development.  
The scientist who will be listed for this funding should do research and be able to teach together along with the Professor from the University of Bonn for at least 1 to 2 semesters. The period for the fellowship fund will not be more than 12 months.  
The University of Bonn located in Germany offers different funding’s and has its partnership with different universities and research institute in South America, Asia and Africa. Their goal is to help researchers to establish and nourish their credibility. As they need more researchers that may be able to help them in the SDG Agenda of 2030.  
For the SDG agenda 2030 throughout the years, the organization helps different sectors in one of specific goals, this is to eliminate the poverty. Alongside their priority to help each nation to establish good wellbeing and health, a quality education that will help this young generation to enhance their career and get a decent work and economic growth.  
All international Post-doctoral scientist is eligible to apply for this funding. The scientist who are already invited by the professor of the University and been able to teach or research at the university or any research institutions in specific regions only. The scientist must be able to possess or can demonstrate an area of research in the thematic spectrum of the SDG.  
The fellowship funding will be covering a travel allowance fee but will depend on the researcher’s country of origin, a scholarship of $3500 monthly and an additional funds for their family worth $650 plus $500 to their research expenses per month that can be submitted at the International Office after this fellowship has been awarded. The insurance is not covered but the International office can give the scholarship recipient their free accommodation. This funding program period is up to three months.  
Your application will be submitted by the professor of the University of Bonn, a selection criterion will depend on your research projects that you worked on during your stay at the University, you must work on the related topics that will contribute to the SDG and it should be relevant in the developments of the region of origins.  
The deadline for submission of your application will be on May 31, 2021. You can check the application form here: Fellowship Application Form 2021 
You can send an email to the Fellowship organizer for further assistance and information at m.zoeller@uni-bonn.de 

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