The advantages of studying finance: you can apply for this $10,000 scholarship

High school students contemplating jumping on board with an offline or online college degree, are quickly faced with the dilemma of how they will be able to afford paying for their traditional or online education.

Some students get discouraged early in the process and start pondering whether they should just put off their on-campus or distance learning program ambitions. But that?s not really not the course of action you want to take.

As you grow older and responsibilities multiply around you, it will become a lot more difficult to find the time for a college degree online or offline.? What?s more, if you have ambitions for a successful career, getting an on-campus or online college degree is essential to this endeavor.

So we suggest you try and get over your fears and start looking at what can you do in order to be able to pay for your on-campus or online education.

There are many ways in which you can reduce the costs of an on-campus or distance learning program.

For example, you might want to consider online schools. A college degree online is overall less expensive than a traditional one. On top of that, if you still find you need help, online schools are also home to scholarship programs.

Even if you?re not eligible to apply to these scholarships, students enrolled with a college degree online or offline shouldn?t lose hope. You can always get funding for your traditional or distance learning program via private sources.

Students of traditional or online schools should start searching for scholarships online, as soon as they decide they want to get a higher offline or online education.

It also helps if you know your major. There are a lot of scholarship programs targeted at students who are pursuing a certain career. So if you already know your calling in life, incorporate that into your search.

For example, if you?re enrolled with an offline or online college degree in accounting, you might be interested to apply Frank L. Greathouse Government Accounting Scholarship. The program is opened to students at offline or online schools working towards full-time graduate or upper level undergraduate degree.

The scholarship is awarded on a number of criteria including career plans in the field, past academic record and work experience, as well as demonstrated connection between coursework and career plans.

The application should include at least a letter of recommendation from one who can speak about the candidate?s commitment to the public sector.

Two scholarships are awarded yearly under the program, each worth $10,000. The deadline for applying to the Frank L. Greathouse Government Accounting Scholarships is January 26, every year. This year, the deadline has passed, but you?ll be able to submit applications again next year.

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  1. Hi. I need to apply civil engineering mainly in China (Bsc) because I want to be best engine er in the world. it will give me joy if you can help me thanks

  2. Hello i need to apply for travel and tourism manegement in masters i want to be best in tourism i want to study in canada it wil give me joy if u can help me i want free scholarship thanks

  3. Please need a full time scholarship to study in canada…my parents don\’t have money to put me in college..please help me i have come along way to get here

  4. i want following a library & information science.then how can i finding full scholarship witch country gave this fully scholarship programs?

  5. First I wish thank The manager oF this Scholar
    After that Am Somali person And mY Country Is Civil war And I want To countinue mY Education Plese Help me To Complete MY dream Thnk

  6. I need a free scholarship to study a master\’s in gender in the us so that I can contribute to gender equity in my country.

  7. hi, i completed high school and and I am now at university studying medicine second year. But I am being faced with financial issues. Can you please grant a chance to study abroad so that I can pursue my education.

  8. i will be happy if iwill gate the such money for study and studh the same colege phd in law iwill be thankful and get other sponsor who will furnish all my studies fund.

  9. Hi my name is Nicholaus jsuya congratulation for your work done am studying at Tanzania advance level but in 2019 I will graduate I would like to apply for scholarship I will thanks when I will get the opportunity chance even I can not get the opportunity chance I will thanks I would like to wish nice work

  10. Can I get a scholarship ? I\’m a student at Masinde muliro in Kenya studying social work degree. I unable to continue because of money for fees.I\’m in first year.

  11. Please help me I want to study Agriculture abroad but now I\’m staying at home because of money I have advanced certificate in agri business management

  12. I?m Genito , a boy of 19 years from Mozambique directly Cabo Delgado. I finished middle level means grade 12 in last year and i?ve been looking for financial to study starting 2019, will receive in all hands and heart any help over here. please include me if possible as so quickly. may God bless all of you…!

  13. Am Lucy Wambui njoroge from kiambu Kenya am financially unstable now but I will desire so much to get another level of education if am sponsored by the kind-hearted being. Would like to do ICT diploma am high skool graduate please help me won\’t let you down.

  14. hi am Sara from Zambia… I kindly need a scholarship in Australia or Russia to study for a bachelor\’s degree in medicine and surgery…

  15. Thanks for the information, I appreciate you people for helping thousands of individuals to meet their dreams. I have my undergraduate degree in 2016 and I wish to have a chance to do my post graduate program.

  16. Good day, My name is Sufficiency Azubuike I am seriously in need of financial support to do my degree in Business Administration and I want to study in the UK. Please help me. Thank you in advance.

  17. Hi,
    My name is Alie Joseph. I am a Sierra Leonean by Nationality. I reside in the eastern region of Sierra Leone. A region that records one of the highest illiteracy rate in the country. Roughly, 75% of its inhabitant could not read or write. I need a scholarship to pursue a Bachelor\’s degree in Business Administration. I am a man of 28 and was raised up in a typical African setting. I am from a disadvantaged single parent family. I graduated from high school since 2012 but unable to go to university due to a limiting factor called poverty. I need this scholarship to help me help others. Any sincere and honest help from anybody would be appreciated. My contact: +23276255343

  18. Hello I was wish to pursue my degree in civil engineering specifically in China\’s well recognized accredited university , I am done with my high school this year and wish to continue my higher education in 2019 iam from Namibia and I am in need of financial assistance.

  19. Hello
    My name is Michelle and I am a Zimbabwean by nationality. I recently finished my high school and would like to do my Bachelor\’s degree in medicine or pharmacy in Canada or Malaysia. I really need assistance for my education. Looking forward to a favourable reply. Thank you

  20. Hello there, im from chad and my name is khoumaini Mahamat choukou, i realy want to Study my Bachelor degree abroad if i Will get scholarship it should help me to fulfil my dream

  21. Hi I want to be great personnalit? in this world .I will help someone with m\’y knowledge and comp?tences in my country and another country .please help me to get this opportunity to me to help m\’y parent to pay m\’y school will study business administration so help considere me

  22. Hi sir,Am Adom Amonoo.Am from Ghana,Am an high school(senior high school)graduate.In Ghana.St Mary\’s boys senior high school is the school I completed in.I studied business
    I want to come and continue my understand
    At New york

  23. nice to meet you sir my name is hiwot i come from Ethiopia i graduated in accounting and finance I want to continue masters or second degree i want learn in any country specially I want to learn UK

  24. Good to meet mister my name is Isra?l Mbidi i come from Dr congo i graduated in science neurological I want to continue licence… i want learn in any country specially I want to learn France

  25. I am a Kenyan student who had completed high school last year and I want to further my studies in any University, your support would be highly appreciated

  26. Thank u my deer for your support .my name is molla kassa from Ethiopia and i have degree in nursing and masters in nursing graduate from the most well known Ethiopia universties.Iam very intersting to study in any PHD in health science free sponser at US and European universties.please send ur hand to me to solve my countrie health related problems after attending this course.

  27. Hello, am Kevine Odongo-a kenyan. I wish to pursue piloting but I am faced with financial constraints. That is the reason am here.

  28. Dear sir/madam

    I\’m ilham I did my advance level exam in maths stream. And I\’m searching for suitable higher education courses to me as well as I have seen a website but I unable to get thats all details if you don\’t mind could you please send me the courses details and applications or tell me please how to get it.
    Thank you

  29. Hi sir i\’m asad ullah and i yave 12 studant and i want to do charter accounting.And i have need some scholership for next study…sir can u\’r teem are hilp him?

  30. Sir,

    My name is Clotilda Claudia Harry from Solomon Islands, graduate with Dual Diploma in Business management and leadership and management in South Australia. Recently graduated in post graduate certificate iv in leadership and management from Tafe Queensland. and Diploma studies as postgraduate can be offered at National University of Australia.

    I really in need of a scholarship to further study in this filef.
    Would mean a lot to my country, people and family as well as me to help them in sustainability.

    Please offer me this scholarship consideration . have a placement offer from South Australia University to study Bachelor Business(Human Resources and Finance, Entrepurneouship and management in year 2020 BUT Nil Money to meet my course fees.

    Would be grateful should I be considered for a scholarship with the funder to meet my further studies.

    Thanks in advance.

  31. I am Richard Alfred Chisale from Malawi, Wants to study International Relation needs a scholarship

  32. I\’m festus kiplagat from Kenya.wants to study electrical engineering I\’ll really appreciate your sponsorship

  33. Am a Kenyan and I will glad if granted full scholarship to study bachelor of science in nursing.
    Thanks in advance.

  34. hello my name is Londiwe from Swaziland and it can be an honour if I can get funding for my tertiary education.

  35. Boa noite…respondo pelo nome de Laurencia, necessito de uma bolsa para enfermagem ou medicina geral,tenho 11 ? qu?mica e 13 ? biologia como m?dia… Do crrtificado 12 global… N?o tenho condi??es para pagar nem passagens,muito menos para bancar a universidade… Venho por este pedir uma bolsa para continuar com estudos…s? tenho n?vel m?dio, que fiz ano passado…sou Mo?ambicana.

  36. Hello ,my name is Bada mercy I need scholarship or grant to study nursing in Canada or Australia,I would love if I can get half or full scholarship for my first year

  37. Now IAM about to complete my 12th class paper in one week after that I want to study abroad in law completely free of cost on schalorship plz help me

  38. Je suis ?tudiant en 1er ann?e de management de ressource humaine,je veux une brousse pour allez ?tudier dans n\’importe quel pays.

  39. Hi my name is Java and i am a young student. i wish to further my education career in applied science abroad and earn my degree..
    it would be helpful if i grant the scholarship.
    Thank you.

  40. Hi my name is Yonwaba I\’m in need for finacial assisant in order to finish up with my studies please I need a scholarship

  41. i am james munyao from kenya highly interested in piloting , am humbly requesting for ascholarship to make my dream come true.

  42. Am very convinced, really looking for scholarship on social work &community rulal Development

    I would like to help my national in terms of public social welfare, child social welfare , councellor , consultant , even a partron especially in Education

  43. My name is Clotilda Claudia Harry from Solomon Islands.
    Thank you for offer. please consider me for Scholaship to study finance, leadership and management( masters degree)

    Thank you very much,

  44. My name is Vuyisile N Methula from Swaziland.I have been admitted for certificate nursing course at Siteki Good Shepard college.I kindly looking for a scholaship.

  45. My name is Clotilda Claudia Harry, need and accept offer to do Postgraduate Diploma in leadership and Management to masters degree in Griffith University, or South Australia University or one best Australia National University.

    Thank you very much.

  46. My name is Frank u.Smith am really looking for a scholarship to forward my education, can this organization please help me.

  47. I just completed a bachelor\’s program at Atlantic international university but I have a huge balance on my tuition fees ,please help me I need financial aid to clear the out standing balance

  48. Please not publish the false things or sending to us.if you want give us the the free grant scholarships why you not select we who you want to give chance.i try it as many as possible so not emailed for me.

  49. i want to learn PHD in business administration course. but i haven\’t this amount of money to learn please, find the solution.

  50. This coming july i am 2nd year college. And hoping that someone will help or support me with my financial problem. Pleaseee thank you

  51. Hello. Thank you for your opportunity, and l need to follow my skills in business managment because l have bachelor degree in management accounting

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