Motherhood is not a punishment for artists anymore

Women?s Studio Workshop is an academy that envisions a society where women?s visual art is integral to the cultural normal and permanently documented throughout the years. Their mission is to work and preserve an artists? working area so they can see themselves encouraged, including ?their voices and visions of individual women artists, providing them professional opportunities regardless the artistic field they pursue or if they hold online degrees, or online master?s degree. They main focus is to promote several programs created to motivate public participation, awareness, and support for the visual arts driven by women from all over the word.

They support different facilities for etching, letterpress, papermaking, book arts, silkscreen, 3D work, ceramics, and photography. Its interesting studios are located in an historic space, situated in the foothills of the Hudson Valley?s Shawangunk Mountains, New York, United States. The well-known studios are widely equipped and well-maintained so the participants involved do not have to waste their time by looking for essential tools to work with. Artists can take workshops, rent the studios, or schedule private instruction. Women-identified visual artists may apply for artist residencies scholarships.

The Parent Residency Grant has been the most possible way to support the artist by the hand of the Sustainable Arts Foundation. This program offers a four-week residency for an artist with dependent child or children under the age of 15.

The artists selected to be part of this program may choose to work in any of our studio fields: intaglio, letterpress, papermaking, screen-printing, photography, or ceramics. This online scholarship program offers a $1000 childcare income, up to $250 for travel expenses, free housing, and 24/7 studio access so they can focus on their art without letting motherhood to be a punishment for their dreams. WSW also offers technical guidance and production help.

The academy does not really pay attention to the usage of the money the artist is going to win. They? just created this amazing online scholarship program to help artist to continue achieving their dreams, but, they are needed to send a childcare plan when applying for this grant.

If the online degree student brings a caregiver or a partner to the residency they are needed to look for a childcare institution near the possible house which may include a two-bedroom apartment with a kitchen and living area. Its necessary for the institution to have evidence the scholarship winner is focused on their work and is extremely necessary that children are not going to be inside the workshops.

To be part of this 4-week program is necessary for the artist to send her CV, the detailed childcare plan, the description of the project she is going to work in, including the studio she would like to work in.

The academy is also looking for applications that include up to ten images of recent work so they can get an idea of the artist previous, current and future art.

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    I am 2018 graduating class of Menschen f?r Menschen foundation Agro technical college by Bsc. Degree on Automotive Technology. Can i get this opportunity please?

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  7. Am eager to hear that am one of the selected individuals to be sponsored coz my ambition is to become an international engineer.

  8. am a good student with the ambition of forwarding my education career. If accepted on this scholarship, I will be very thankful.

  9. I just gained admission in university for law … But I want to study abroad …so I am thinking of using scholarship after my first year so wat can I do bcos I think this opportunity is for graduates with bachelor\’s degree …which I am not so pls help me ..thank u

  10. I can from Rwanda am here looking for scholarship because I can help me reach on my goals have graduated

  11. Am a good student searching for a scholarship to study medicine ,l can be greatful given dis opportunity to prove myself

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    thank you

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  16. My name is Ghada Askri , I\’m from Tunisia , I\’m a student in a 4th year secondary school . I will sit for a baccalaureate exam by the end of this year . but I can not afford money to complete my study
    Please help me

  17. Im patricia pilusa and would like to be helped to complete my studies at rosebank college pls help me so that i can support my family

  18. I am looking for a funding to build a classroom block in poor societies to help them have access to education. so if you can help feel free to contact me

  19. I\’m Patricia Mbili. I would love to partake in this awesome opportunity. I\’m a student & Single Mom to my Son and I would love to study at The Design School of Southern Africa.

    Thank you in advance

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  22. In my opinion this is intended to boost confidence and hope in mothers and women via what they appreciate and good at

  23. Am Godfrey Crispine from Tanzania I am looking for scholarship to study Bachelor Degree in Economics. I will be happy when you help me to fulfil my goals. Thank you

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    I don\’t know how you are going to help me.
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    wishing you all the pest for your immeasurable contribution in terms of education worldwide.

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  31. Thanks for information here Sir
    Need a scholarship offer to do MBA Excercurtive programmed if given a chance for scholarship.


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    Please facilitate a scholaship for me a single mum to further my studies in bachelors leadership and management in Australia, Canada or UK.

    Motherhood is expensive to at many times so not enough money to further my study abroad to my dream level of degrees from Bachelors to masters in my fields of studies.

    thank you very much for considerations.

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