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€ 11,000 Scholarships for Bachelor, Master and Doctorate in various subjects at the University of Bologna, 2021-2022

General information about the scholarship program

The Scholarships for Bachelor, Master and PhD in various subjects at the University of Bologna, 2021-2022 (UNIBO Action 1 & 2 Scholarships) are aimed at deserving international students who wish to enroll in first cycle, second cycle or single cycle programs at the University of Bologna for the academic year 2021-2022.

The University of Bologna has adopted a Multicampus structure to allow the dissemination of the educational offer and the activation of a stable research activity in the facilities with the intention of improving the functionality and quality of life of the university community.

This scholarship is for international students who want to study at the University of Bologna in Italy.

Study areas

  • Agronomy and Veterinary
  • Arts and Humanities
  • Natural, Exact and Computer
  • Sciences Social Sciences, Administration and Law
  • Education
  • Engineering, Manufacturing and Construction
  • Health
  • Services

Study levels

Bachelor’s Degree / Master’s Degree / Specialty / Doctorate

Who awards the scholarship?

The University of Bologna.

What does the scholarship cover?

The scholarship includes:
1. Financial contribution of € 11,000 gross
2. Tuition and academic fees.

Requirements to apply for the scholarship

1. Be in possession of (or are about to obtain) a valid qualification to access your chosen study program, issued by an institution outside the Italian educational system.
2. Students holding a diploma issued by an Italian school established outside of Italy can also apply.
3. Carry out one of the following tests before the application deadline:
3.1. If you are interested in enrolling in a First Cycle or Single Cycle Degree Program, the SAT and / or TOLC
3.2 if you are interested in enrolling in a Second Cycle Degree Program, the GRE test.
4. Be less than 30 years old on the deadline for the call.
5. The SAT, GRE and TOLC are aptitude and skill assessment tests that can be taken in authorized centers in various countries of the world and online (if this modality is offered by the managing institutions)
6. You must register for the tests in the Institution management websites.
7. The SAT and GRE tests are in English.
8. The TOLC test is available in English and Italian. You can find more information in the call for applications.

Application and necessary documents

Applicants must attach the following documents to their application, under penalty of invalidity:
1. A copy of their currently valid passport. EU citizens can attach a copy of their identity document.
2. A copy of your unofficial SAT scores report. The SAT must include the sections “Evidence-Based Reading and Writing Mathematics”.
3. In addition, applicants must also submit their official SAT score reports via College Board.
4. The University of Bologna must receive official scores plus take April 30, 2021.
5. Official scores received after this deadline will not be considered. The recipient code for the University of Bologna, for sending official grade reports, is 6993.
6. A certificate confirming the grades required for admission to the chosen study program, and the school report cards for the last two years. Those students who have not completed their degree before the application submission deadline may submit a certificate of registration to the school for the current school year and report cards from the previous school year. Benefits will only be awarded upon completion of qualification prior to registration in AY 2021-22.
7. All documents submitted by applicants must be in Italian, English, French or Spanish.
8. All documents in any other language must be supported by a translation into English or Italian in paper format (no letterhead). The translation can be done directly by the candidate.
9. Presenting translated documents alone is not enough. They must always be accompanied by the original documents.
10. Applications that are not duly completed or that do not contain all the required documents will not be accepted.

Official Scholarship Site 

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