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Care about the environment? Then this $1,000 scholarship might be for you

Higher education today is so expensive; a lot of students wonder whether enrolling with an offline or online bachelor degree actually makes economic sense for them. Because of this, many students and their parents take on a significant debt burden to finance their studies with accredited online universities or traditional ones.

But while a lot of soon-to-be students of college education online or offline seem to believe there?s no way around taking out a loan, we?re here to tell you this is false. There?s a superior alternative to paying for your degree program. It?s called scholarships.

Scholarships are free money you can use to fund your college education online or traditional one without having to pay it back upon graduation.

We know what you?re thinking right now. You?re probably wondering: but aren?t scholarships offered only to those who are top of their class? Well that?s not always the case, especially today. Average students can also hope to get funding for their offline or online bachelor degree.

How? By searching for scholarships and grants that aren?t merit-based or need-based. And trust us, there are plenty of those out there. All you need to do is search.

Accredited online universities or traditional ones usually offer scholarships to students who have enrolled with a degree program with them. However, not everyone is eligible to receive one such scholarships. At times, funding is limited, so only a select number of students will be able to receive financial help from their university.

For the rest of them, the world wide web awaits. Students at accredited online universities or traditional ones can get financial help for their college education online or offline by applying to scholarships online.

Think about what defines you as a student and incorporate these qualities in your search for a grant. Let?s say you?ve enrolled with a college education online in business. If that?s the case for you, then you should be on the lookout for scholarships targeting online students who are also enrolled with a degree program in business.

General scholarships are usually available for both those enrolled with a college education online or offline. However, some programs might not accept applications from online bachelor degree students. Read the description carefully to make sure you don?t apply to a scholarship you?re not eligible for.

To show you what we mean, here?s a scholarships example that might help you fund your college education online on-campus.

Enter the Arnold W. Fritz Scholarship which is aimed at students of college education online or offline who are seeking a degree in the following fields: environmental science, conservation, natural history or other nature-related subjects.

In order to apply you need to have a minimum GPA of 2.5 and be able to demonstrate a dedication to the environment. Candidates have to reside or attend college in an Ohio county (check list on the website).

Ok, so what do you need to apply? A completed application form, three letters of recommendations, related experiences and social qualities.

Last but not least, you will have to submit an original essay (200 words or less) in which you explain how you expect to make a difference in the environment.

The deadline for the scholarships is March 01, so even though you won?t be able to apply anymore this year, it might be a good idea to bookmark this page and come back to it next year.


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