Check out this $2,500 minority scholarship for Asian students

Traditional and online universities alike are super expensive. That?s why as a future student of college education online or offline you will need to access scholarship funds.

But earning one of the countless scholarships available for students of traditional or online degree programs is no easy feat. You will have to prove you are worthy of being awarded the money.

Students are the better alternative when it comes to paying fees at offline or online universities, but they take some work to apply to. So you?ll be spending quite a few hours daily preparing your application portfolio.

In order to apply, students of traditional or online degree programs must typically write a statement that describes their accomplishments and goals. And to make sure they stand out they must demonstrate their unique qualities, leadership experience and long-term goals. If you have some community service experience all the better.

Students who have enrolled with an on-campus or online associate degree might have an advantage when it comes to scholarships. Given that a traditional or online associate degree takes just two years to complete, they are a lot cheaper than four-year programs. So, those pursuing an offline online associate degree might be able to fund their program a lot faster than regular students.

The same goes for those who are pursuing college education online at an online school. Online degree programs are usually more affordable than their traditional counterparts. And we?re not talking about fees specifically, but about the fact that students of online universities don?t have to spend additional cash on things like room & board or study materials.

Anyway, both offline and online school students have plenty of opportunities to obtain funding, which in majority can be found on the Internet. A quick search will swiftly reveal some alternatives.

For example, check out the Matt Fong Asian Americans in Public Finance Scholarship. As you have probably realized, this is a minority scholarship aimed at Asian students enrolled with a traditional or online school in California in the process of majoring in accounting, political science, public policy, business administration or related fields.

Interested parties need a minimum GPA of 3.0 in order to apply for this $2,500 scholarship. You also need to exhibit financial need in order to be considered. Preference will be given to those who have been involved in community service or volunteering activities.

Students of college education online or on-campus who fit the profile outlined above are required to submit a completed application form, official school transcript, recent resume and two letter of recommendation.

On top of that, the student needs to answer a total of five questions like for example: ?What is your field of study or major??

You have until April 09, 2018 in order to apply for this scholarship.

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114 Responses

  1. I would like to get scholarship so that I can achieve my goal of become best accountant. but also I want to giveback to my community after my studies

  2. I want to help my family by getting scholarship for further study
    I have complete B.Sc in Agriculture university sindh pakistan ,please give me this chance I wanna pursue M.Sc but am financially strained.

  3. I would like to be among the beneficiaries of this humanitarian program (scholarship), I want you to consider me when shortlisting successful applicants. I want to further my educational background to give back to the world.

  4. I want to be among the beneficiaries of this humanitarian program (scholarship), I want to further my educational background to give back to the world, the area of which I want to study is Accounting or Law any of the two granted me.

  5. I will be grateful when selected as part of the successful applicants. I want to study economics and bring a global economic unity. Thank you very much, I\’m applying from Ghana.

  6. First i thanks the organization to theire work of helping African to achieve international studies,for me i have dreams of studying in Norway or Canada about pilot ,i have completed form six 2018,and i passed my examination. I search the help from your organization.

  7. I would like to get scholarship so that I can achieve my goal of become best IT. but also I want to giveback to my community after my studies

  8. My parents lost all potential things that would help in funding my education to my dream level. It is true that it\’s 11 years since we left the I.D.P Camp, but we could restore our parents glory instead, we are suffering the more. I ask for support to help me complete my studies

  9. High my sir , I would like 2 10Q u 1^st 4 ur help me daily & know whith the help of God & hope from u I\’m here in a very great challenges through time.Really I havn\’t 4got u even 4 a microsecond my ear is always listening 2wards u dear b/cse from the message that I got daily from u , I\’m satisfied fully by hope.So again sir, I want 2 say kindly 2 u that it is better 4 me if my ambition will b completed by ur endeavour since as I have tried 2 explain my identity 2 u , I\’m really damaged multi -directionally by so many factors in our country w/c are a big obstacles 2 me & so that whithout any hisitance my life needs ur support if possible .And then, lastly,I politely ask u madam ,was it not possible 2 complete this issue in a short period of time interval ? & probably if not I could have a great patience 2 wait 4 u 2 see how u help me & if this is so my objective is as I already tried 2 describe & if possible don\’t 4get me & tell me the last step of the issue as I enjoy it & 10Q u very much again .

  10. I\’m Liberian my country faced with 16 years civil crises which left many folks without any former education including internet access ,as for I struggle to escaped to Ghana and little former education ,currently i hold HND in human resource management through the help of some people in the society who explained my situation to and they decided to help me out.I actually need grant to further my education in other to be help to my country ,my people ,Africa and the world at large ,kindly help me out ,anywhere bet yet Europe ,America ,Australia even in any African country like Ghana to continue my study ,I will appreciate it. Thanks

  11. I am haitian. My country faced with more than 30 years ipolitical instabily . I struggle to escape exclusion. Currently I get a Master degree and Population and I am thinking of searching a full scholarship to continue my online doctorate in Education (Atlantic International University)

  12. My Name is David M Rumwaropen. I am come from Biak island reside in Nothern of Papua Indonesia. I need a scholarsip support from this college over for asian students. I want to pursue and complete my Master Degree Computer Science (Education Technology) but I have not much money to payment tuition fees.

  13. I need to make my dreams come true by studying abroad if I get a fully offered scholarship to study and through that I will be able to achieve my goals

  14. Dear Sir, Iam very much interested to pursue a post graduate course in plant breeding. Tried to clinch a scholarship but it\’s not working for me. Please assist me in getting one

  15. I didn\’t realize it so encouraging to apply, could you please give me the details if you support student from Africa


  16. application for scholarship,
    I\’m a holder of diploma in Computing and Information System so i need financial support to persuade my degree

  17. Hello my friend,my name is chance,I need a scholarship to complete my school,but now I have ADVANCED diploma in civil engineering department,i need this scholarship to become full engineer .if it\’s possible I will choice also topography engineering.thx.

  18. I would like to get MSc scholarship in power engineerig so that I can achieve my goal of become Electrical engineer. but also I want to giveback to my community after my studies

  19. hello! I\’m from Philippines. i would like to be part of this scholarship just to achieve a better education, just give a chance to continue my studies. thank you so much

  20. I have read this carefully, kindly is there a scholarship in cosmetology? I have a diploma in cosmetology and I would like to continue in degree kindly let me know.

  21. My name is Awoke Tekalign from Ethiopia with Bachelor degree in water resource and Irrigation management
    I hope I can apply in your university

  22. I wish to have a scholarship in your institution to do masters. I have a in Geography and planning. I am in Cameroon. There\’s war here and we can\’t go to school.

    Please help me get the scholarship.

  23. I wish to get the scholarhip to help my education to complete my studying. I have to continue my major, but I lack of cost of living and my tution. Please giving me a helping hand

  24. i am komban jenette from Cameroon. i have been admitted to read pharmacy at the Kampala International university and need a scholarship to support me. Can you be of assistance to me?

  25. I am From Nigeria, a BSc holder in philosophy, I really appreciate you benevolence, and I wish to further my masters studies. I will be of utmost happiness if I am supported with a scholarship or in any way possible. Thank you, and God bless you.

  26. am needing a scholarship to complete my studies coz am the one educate my self but per now the source were I was got the funds is closed coz the fire burnt my tools which am using in plumbing to cover those works. and if they can help me to get for me a grants of $3000 of money that one it will be great coz i can replace the tools and get back to work and i receive money and i pay my self school fees. thank u

  27. Hello my name is kajela. I am from Ethiopia .I have got my BA degree in Economics at Arba Minch University.Currently I am taking my post graduate diploma in teachering(pgdt) at Bahir Dar Utniversity.And I graduated with cgp of 3.74 .where neccessary please select me to this schyholarship to survive my besf life.

  28. Hollow Samaritans out there, am Isaac Ekichu, desperately looking for a scholarship to do my degree and masters in education primary, any chance please?

  29. I liked to been studying abroad ,or in my country Zambia,because iam a Male citizen ,who list farther same years ago,so iam asking for help in my studying. I phone number ate +260961907213 and +260760158753.thank.

  30. I will be grateful when selected as part of the successful applicants. I want to study degree in medicine. and i also like to help the patients in all the time, in fact that is my vision here in nigeria or abroad considering where Almighty god will make it to succeed thanks.

  31. I am interested in study Bachelor in Law, please offer me a online scholarship with financial funded.

  32. lam very happy for approving my request, l remains looking forward to you. please do help me to have a full scholarship so that l do my degree in the field of law.

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