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This Community Foundation is looking to sponsor journalism students with this $1,000 grant

Most students in high school see their passions as merely hobbies. With school work being your main priority, sometimes it?s quite hard to make room for your preoccupations. But you should definitely try to do that.

Especially if you want to get into a good university and get a few grants for school to help you pay for it. On-campus or distance learning courses fees have reached an all-time high, so most students will find they require help to be able to pay for their university online degree or traditional one.

So you?re most likely going to have to start applying to scholarships. The sooner the better. Once you?ve zeroed in on a particular college degree online or offline, you should also kick start applying for financial aid.

And we bet you didn?t know this, but milking your passions and hobbies might be a good way to secure a few scholarships. Many companies and organization are willing to pay for students who love to do a certain thing or are passionate about a subject.

We?ve been taught to believe that only academically brilliant students stand a chance to fund their on-campus or distance learning courses. But things have changed completely over the last few years.

Not only did the private scholarship industry boomed, but the criteria to award grants for school have become more varied.

Then there?s the myth according to which distance learning students aren?t eligible for scholarship. This couldn?t be farther from the truth. First off, university online degree providers usually offer funding in the form of scholarships and grants for school.

What?s more, college degree online students can apply for scholarships on the Internet just like everyone else. Including programs targeting individuals with a certain passion or career goals.

Here?s an example of a scholarship you, as a student enrolled with a university online degree or traditional one might want to consider. The Lisa Bjork Memorial Scholarship is offered by the Community Foundation for Palm Beach and Martin Counties.

The money award will go to a graduating high school senior from Jupiter High School or any Palm Beach County public school who is looking to pursue an on-campus or distance learning degree in the field of journalism and communications.

In order to apply for the grant, college degree online or offline students need to write an original essay (500 to 750 words in length) on the topic of ?The Importance of Family?.

The winner will receive a $1,000 scholarship which should be used towards being his/her traditional or distance learning expenses.

If you?re reading this now, then you should know the 2018 scholarship application is now closed. Students looking to enroll with on-campus or distance learning courses should stay tuned for details of the 2019 application program. These will be posed in May. So make sure to bookmark the scholarship page.


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