This Community Foundation is looking to sponsor journalism students with this $1,000 grant

Most students in high school see their passions as merely hobbies. With school work being your main priority, sometimes it?s quite hard to make room for your preoccupations. But you should definitely try to do that.

Especially if you want to get into a good university and get a few grants for school to help you pay for it. On-campus or distance learning courses fees have reached an all-time high, so most students will find they require help to be able to pay for their university online degree or traditional one.

So you?re most likely going to have to start applying to scholarships. The sooner the better. Once you?ve zeroed in on a particular college degree online or offline, you should also kick start applying for financial aid.

And we bet you didn?t know this, but milking your passions and hobbies might be a good way to secure a few scholarships. Many companies and organization are willing to pay for students who love to do a certain thing or are passionate about a subject.

We?ve been taught to believe that only academically brilliant students stand a chance to fund their on-campus or distance learning courses. But things have changed completely over the last few years.

Not only did the private scholarship industry boomed, but the criteria to award grants for school have become more varied.

Then there?s the myth according to which distance learning students aren?t eligible for scholarship. This couldn?t be farther from the truth. First off, university online degree providers usually offer funding in the form of scholarships and grants for school.

What?s more, college degree online students can apply for scholarships on the Internet just like everyone else. Including programs targeting individuals with a certain passion or career goals.

Here?s an example of a scholarship you, as a student enrolled with a university online degree or traditional one might want to consider. The Lisa Bjork Memorial Scholarship is offered by the Community Foundation for Palm Beach and Martin Counties.

The money award will go to a graduating high school senior from Jupiter High School or any Palm Beach County public school who is looking to pursue an on-campus or distance learning degree in the field of journalism and communications.

In order to apply for the grant, college degree online or offline students need to write an original essay (500 to 750 words in length) on the topic of ?The Importance of Family?.

The winner will receive a $1,000 scholarship which should be used towards being his/her traditional or distance learning expenses.

If you?re reading this now, then you should know the 2018 scholarship application is now closed. Students looking to enroll with on-campus or distance learning courses should stay tuned for details of the 2019 application program. These will be posed in May. So make sure to bookmark the scholarship page.

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171 Responses

  1. I have BSc degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering (Industrial Control stream) from Haramaya University, Ethiopia.l am looking scholarship to start my Master degree in computer Engineering.

  2. Hello..
    Am a young girl of 23 years, a fresh graduate of B. SC. Ed. (Biology) in university of Ilorin, Nigeria. Please I need a free scholarship to start my Masters degree program in the field of Education.

  3. I am a Sierra Leonean ,I have a bachelor\’s degree in social science, and I need a Master\’s scholarship in psychology. thanks.

  4. I am Mansoor Ali I clear my Fsc now i need a fully funded international scholarships for bachelor degree programs please guide and inform me about it. I am from Sindh Pakistan

  5. I\’m DIALLO Mariam Sir?, I\’m Malian young girl. I\’ll be extremely delighted to receive a free scholarship to follow my journalism and linguistic study in Master and doctorate degree at one of the Australian universities.
    Hopefully, I\’ll get your answer about my request.
    Sincerely yours
    Best regards

  6. I have Bsc in management and computer science would like very much interested to learn either of master of business management or computer science program please ,give a chance to get it since unable to learn with my own financial capacity

  7. I\’m Tanzanian and have a Bsc. In Human Nutrition. I greatly in need to have a masters degree in human nutrition to boost my career

  8. Hello
    I am from Angola and i am looking for a free scholarship so as to continue my studies. I actually, want to do PHONETIC-PHONOLOGY or LINGUISTIC.

    Thanks……… hope you replay soon.

  9. I\’mThomas from Ghana and I\’ve completed the high school and I need scholarship to study abroad.I will be much grateful if I get the chance to study in one of the big universities in the world.

  10. my Name is Kibru i am from Ethiopia and i have bachelor of science degree in industrial chemistry ,so by now i want to study in your institution master of science degree in Medicinal chemistry and i am sure that the management team consider me as eligible candidates

  11. I\’m Vivian from Kenya.,I pursued bachelors in education. I would like a scholarship in masters in environmental conservation

  12. I am Rizwan Islam from Lahore Pakistan and I really like the idea of study. This really a great opportunity and 100% agree with you.

  13. Dear, I am 2 nd year AECD student From Ethiopian University, I am interested to apply This Scholarship, Pleace Select me!
    Aschalew A.

  14. Bonjour chers tous. J\’ai besoin d\’une bourse d\’?tude en linguistique descriptive. Merci de recevoir ma demande.

  15. I am manzi from rwanda as you select me and gave me chance to study first of all thanks.
    can you give me regulations and whow to reach there

  16. I am Lista Kerubo a Kenyan….and I badly need a scholarship for a bachelor\’s degree in architecture.please help me out

  17. I\’m Kamohelo Tumo from LESOTHO,I finished my high school last year and I want to study abroad to one of the biggest universities in the world

  18. I need scholarship to study masters project management or electrical engineering at Salford University, cost Euros 1828 only. The course is online.

  19. I did start in journalism but due to financial situation I did not graduate if you can offer me this scholarship to complete my studies please

  20. I want scholarship award to improve my intellectual ,intelligent future progress of my educational pursue.

  21. please I need this offer for me to study in abroad. I will implement my effort and hard working in my studies. so that I will become successful graduate. I really need this grant please.

  22. I am eyerusalem from ethiopia i am 25 intersted to get chance please give me me 0972661524 thank you

  23. hello am Subila FM a Ugandan looking for a fully funded schoolarship for my education I would like to study international relations or journalism thanks I will be great full if am granted the offer

  24. I\’m from Bangladesh and i need the scholarship to complete my BSC and MSC on IT in University of Waterloo in Canada

  25. I have BSc degree in information from woldia University, Ethiopia.l am looking scholarship to start my Master degree in IT.

  26. I have BSc degree in information technology from woldia University, Ethiopia.l am looking scholarship to start my Master degree in IT.

  27. I have BSc degree in garment technology from bahir dar Uiversity, Ethiopia.l am looking scholarship to start my Master degree in related course

  28. I have BSc degree in garment engineering from bahir dar Uiversity, Ethiopia.l am looking scholarship to start my Master degree in related course

  29. I\’m Ethiopia, i have BSc in health promotion and diploma in clinical nursing now i eager to continue MSc in health . please support me to make true my wish and career success there after i will support others in the same way promise!

  30. Hi, I\’m Chrischelle
    Thank you for this great article!
    I only have a question.
    Where can I have a scholarship that\’s allowed for any course here in the Philippines?

    Thank you in advance!
    Hoping for your help.

  31. Oh, thank God! This should belongs to me. I have MA in Journalism and Communication with my first degree also in Foreign Language and Literature from Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia. I wanna go ahead as I would like to explore new horizons and swim in the ocean of knowledege. So that I really want you to help and extend me your hands guys. Currently living here in Addis Ababa, and can\’t wait to hear from you as you have increased enthusiasm of more education inside me.

    Thank you, God bless you!

  32. i am Asnake Mamo From Ethiopia . i Have MBA degree from lead star university college of Business and leadership , Ashland , USA
    I strongly need PHD program.please help me

  33. my name are dominic ani,am a nigerian and i am really in need of a scholarship so as to further my education.currently am a student seeking to write my waec.i really need help

  34. Im a Namibian lady complete my N3 Automotive Enginering at Vocational and l need scholarship to do my N7 in engineering

  35. I\’m Burundian African,
    I will be thankful when I meet your favor. Thanks so much on how you will treat my Application.

  36. I am a youngman, studying bachelor of science biomedical sciences in one of public universities in my home country that is Malawi. Being in third year of study, my dream is to be a medical doctor, pursuing bachelor of medicine bachelor of surgery. I am a needy student but focussed towards my dream. I am asking for help from all who can understand the situation i am passing through. This can be good with me even if to secure scholarship in Zambia my neighbouring country to minimizes costs of living as long my dream become true. Those who can assists me with funds or an idea to goby where and how to secure a scholarship can use my following contacts: +265991467000

  37. I\’m mabaku swami from Kampala international University in Uganda ,I\’m doing IT ,I\’m in first year second semester ,and I\’m disparate for tuition to finish my bachelor

  38. I am Sibongile from TUT in pretoria n am doing btech in language practise. I ask for help with my studies

  39. I am a kenyan student ..i am in needy of scholarship to nursing.. I qualified but my parents can not raise college fees.
    Please help me

  40. i am Innocent Habarugira, am a burundian, i need a scholarship in Master degree, i have a bachelor degree in electricity

  41. i am Tadesse Desyilal Ayehu from Ethiopia. i have BSc in electrical and computer engineering. i want to follow my 2nd degree in your university if u give the chance with full fund.

  42. I am a Ugandan looking for a grant to study at Mbarara University to pursue a bachelor degree in medical laboratory science. Please I will be glad for the offer.

  43. i am a Ethiopian looking for a grant to study at Arsi university to pursue a bachelor degree in L logistics and supply chain management .please i will be glad for the offer.

  44. i am so grateful for your offer now looking forward for your scholarship to study degree in human resource management thank you.

  45. lam from Zambia, l needs you help so that l can do my father studies in the field of law, please l need a scholarship.

  46. I am from Nepal. I need scholarship to attend training / workshops /seminars in education management in Europe /Australia/ America

  47. I am Rwandan,I want chances like this to continue in electric engineering (electronics and telecommunication ). Thanks

  48. I am CIvil Engineer.I like to Scholarship for Civil Engineering field Thanks this great Artical.

  49. My name is Lilian Munkuli from Zimbabwe. I would like to study journalism. It will be of great help if my request is taken into consideration

  50. Hello i\’m Eric Uwitonze from RWANDA, hopely i wish freescholarship in economics science. and it will be a great help if my hope taken into consideration. thanks blessed from God For your interest.

  51. May 12, 2019

    Am a Liberia i would like a freescholarship in the field of nursing to pursue my degree.

  52. I am from Kurdistan-Iraq and I am looking for a free study in human medicine through Scholar\’s programs for donor countries at one of the universities. I have dropped out of school in the fifth year because of poor financial conditions for our poor family and war situations too. I know 7 languages (Kurdish – my native language, English , German, Russian, Arabic, Farsi and Turkish), thanks and this is my number: +9647504385652

  53. Good day I am phemelo hazel I am doing grade 12 this year….. Im asking a scholarship for next year please

  54. Hey, am Beautie, from Kenya. Am looking for a scholarship to undertake masters e.your response is considered thank you

  55. Iam a holder of a diploma in science education in geography looking for a sponsorship in studying geology

  56. Hey,I am Martin Rigan from Kenya.I really need a scholarship to pertake of a degree in Telecommunication and information engineering.Any response from you will warmly be appreciated.

  57. I am Florence looking for a scholarship to further my studies in marketing,will be grateful if my request is granted

  58. Thank you for the opportunity, I need a scholarship of masters. Now I\’m in bachelor of International Relations and Diplomacy. I would like to achieve my masters also. But I would like to know what I will gonna give back to you after finishing with my masters supporting by you. Best regard. Thank you

  59. I am Abdulakeem from Nigeria, looking for a Bsc horn scholarship to further my studies in marketing,I will be highly glad and also grateful if my request is granted.

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