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College is one thing that many people desire. Reaching your tertiary level of education is really something that can help you along the way, more so if you?ve reached postgraduate studies.

Lately, the road to college has been more accessible to many people through online degree programs or online education in general. Through internet courses, people are able to work for their degree without leaving their house and making a part-time job more feasible. These online degree programs range from the bachelor to even the doctorate level already and has clearly helped many people achieve their educational goals already.

Certifications and getting an associate degree online is also possible now. An associate degree online is a level of education that you can quickly finish and use as a stepping stone to further degrees.

Apart from that, instead of opting for online degree programs, many people seem to just find their way to pay for college ? through a student grant perhaps. A student grant is a form of educational expenses assistance given by schools or organization in order to put deserving students through college. These said grants may fully pay for the tuition of its recipients, provide a discount perhaps, or simply give monetary assistance to them.

Nowadays, a student can also be applied to online college courses which is a great development. Online college courses can range from the sciences to the arts and many more fields, thus giving you the freedom to pursue whatever you want.

Examples of scholarships that can be applied to online college courses are the Commonwealth Distance Learning Scholarships, the Edinburgh Global Distance Learning Scholarships, and the Foundation Hoffman Scholarships at the University of the People. Meanwhile, you also have several scholarship options for your further studies such as the Canon Collins Distance Learning MBA Scholarships.

Again, the road to college is more accessible now than ever. You may choose to take online college courses or perhaps apply for a student grant to pursue your studies. Through the said methods, you can get a bachelor?s, master?s, or even an associate degree online. The choice is yours so be sure to make your move now.

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170 Responses

  1. I would like to take a bachelor\’s of science chemistry and I need a scholarship because I cannot afford tuition, am from Uganda. And i had a C in chemistry in UACE

  2. I would like to take a MSC\\\’s of science engineering geology and I need scholarship because I can\’t afford tuition. am from Ethiopia and I am graduated from Mekelle university with a total gpa of 3.23

  3. I would like to take a MSC?s of science engineering geology and I need scholarship because I can\\?t afford tuition. am from Ethiopia and I am graduated from Bahir Dar university with a total gpa of 3.39

  4. I am still a high school student I need help to continue
    with my studies so that I reach my goals.
    I will apprecite if I get help. Thanks.

  5. I have a diploma in procurement and supplies management and I would like to further my studies but its impossible due to lack of tuition fee

  6. I have Bachelor Degree in Public Health with emphasis in Epidemiology and I want to do my Master in Health Administration

  7. I am kindly requesting for a scholarship
    because I cannot afford to pay for my school fee to study nursing,I am from Namibia

  8. i have a bac +5 in geology in DRC , i am the wellcome to this kind of teaching while earth sciences are on campus for some practicals ! can i get a scholarship from you for a master degree

  9. I would like to take a bachelor\’s degree in veterinary medicine or agriculture
    I need the student grant
    am from Uganda

  10. I need every necessary help that will enable me pursue college education from your scholarship program.. Iam a Liberian national who currently residing in Monrovia.

  11. I studied Banking and Finance in polytechnic as (ND) national diploma and I want to further my education if the opportunity can be granted.

  12. thanks to give this chance. am from ethiopia my name is abenezer jebo last year am student in graed 12 so i want to update my knowlage so i need scholarship becase i have a dream. can you help me!?

  13. I am looking forward to joining any career in the aviation sector . Am sure you will give me the chance so that I may also help another person and despite my poor background, you will consider me. Thanks in advance.

  14. I would like to take master in economics and i need this scholarship.please help me , i\’m from benin republic

  15. My Name is David Kipkemoi Sigei from Kenya..I\’m a form four leaver and I come from a very humble background and really wish to pursue Diploma in Journalism and cannot raise my fees.Kindly assist me on humanitarian grounds to be connected to a donor who can assist me reach my dreams that have been limited by poverty.

  16. hi,
    this is safina akram from pakistan.
    please give me Australia Scholarship for medical. it is my dream to continuee my study in Astralia with best Scholorship.
    please help me. i completed my matriculation with Grade A.
    Thank you!.. hope for the possitive response.

  17. Apply for a Kenyan University,you\’ll be absorbed, except for a diploma ,you have to have at least a C+. I`m a Kenyan university student ,BSc Statistics

  18. my name is charles p jambe from kenya i would like to take my learning. in computer engineering as far as much I would get the opportunity to do so,let me get this assistance because I m much in need of it, reason is fees problem especially whn I get countrie that have advance in technology.

  19. My name is Happy Salami wishing to study abroad but I cnt afford this load of money I want to study bsc in computer science

  20. I am Jacob Ronny abiria and a Ugandan I graduated with a degree of animal production and management science and has interest of pursuing masters degree in veterinary public health. I have struggled to attain this through difficult but if I can get such opportunities in my lifetime,I would be grateful and my communities in Uganda better. Thank you in advance.

  21. I am from Nepal and I want to atudy bachelor\’s in fashion design. I am in desparate need of scholarship for completion of higher studies.

  22. I wish to enroll on a scholarship but I don\’t have the finance please help me ,I wish to study project management

  23. I am from Papua New Guinea, I wish to study law in Australia but Financial problem is my big obstacle, please help me to pursue my dreams.

  24. With God all things are possible…I\’m from Liberia… please help me in the name of God so that, I will pursue my dream in life..I want to do electrical engineering…

  25. I need a scholarship 100% to study bachelor of mathematics but i do come from a poor family so my family has no fund to support my studies.Eddy Msavange from Tanzania

  26. Haloo my name is Alam Sampurna. I come from Indonesia, im looking for the scholarship of Medicine. I came from a poor family, i just wanna get my dream to make a great impact for my family and people arround me. Hopefully i can get that. Sincerely, Thank You.

  27. hey management, am humbled to get a scholarship in agribusiness. so if there is any chance, i would be grateful. Thanks

  28. In need of fully funded scholarship (undergraduate) especially in public health am from Malawi any school is welcome

  29. Sir/madam

    It would be my joy if you grant me a scholarship for a masters degree program in Business management.Thank you for your kind consideration in anticipation.
    Tekoh Martin Choh , Cameroon.

  30. i\’m from Zimbabwe and have been looking for this opportunity to pursue my dream of becoming a lawyer please i need a scolarship so i achieve my dream. I\’m lookingg forward from you

  31. Dear board of directors, honestly am very happy at any moment that I remember of this big opportunity. Faris khakib. I completed last year and look forward to further my education whether in abroad or any count. Am also ok if am being helped to go to abroad to pursue degree in political science or work as an employer

  32. Sir, i am Musa Johnson by name from Ndiragina Hawul Local Government Borno State, Nigeria. I have completed my secondary school 2009 and resits my papers (O-Level) WAEC; West African Examination Council 2017 of which i have got the necessary requirements. The delay of imminent resits was due to undergoing N.C.E.; Nigeria Certificate in Education program for good four years. Sir, i will be very grateful if my application should be put into consideration in order to help, improve and further my education. Thank you so much, sir.

  33. I am kindly requesting for scholarship because I cannot afford to pay for my fee to study nursing. am Esther from Nigeria

  34. I\’m Leonida Chipanha from Tanzania I would like to take MPA as distance leaning but I\’m financially poor please help me to reach my destin

  35. Je me nomme Mahamat Ibrahim Abdoulaye ?tudiant en biologie animale licence 3 en cours j\’aimerais continuer en laboratoire au saint de votre institut. Mais j\’ai des difficult?s financi?res ?tant orphelin de p?re les conditions de la vie me paraissent tr?s difficile je compte vraiment sur vous merci.

  36. Hi Sir,
    Please help me get this schorlship tp pay for my degree in small Business/leadership and management at the Sout Australia University in Australia as I\’m eligible for admission there and diploma in Imformation Technology at Regency Tafe at Adelaide, South Australia in year 2020.

    Please secure my placement offer in advance with this schorlship offer.

    kind regards,

    Clotilda Claudia Harry
    From Solomon Islands in South Pacific.

  37. I did study communication and journalism but due to financial situation I did not graduat please help me to further my education

  38. my name is farzana kousar and its my dream to complete my Master in Accounting and Finance abroad and i can\’t afford the required expenditure .. i want scholarship .i\’m from Pakistan.

  39. I would like to continue my studies but I can\’t afford the tution .i\’ve just finished my high school .hope I can get the scorlaship .thank you

  40. I am NABUKEERA SHUDAT Kampala Uganda am in my first year second semester MAKERERE UNIVERSITY pursuing a bachelor\’s degree in education biological I want to upgrade to master\’s degree in education biological and PhD in my course and I want to pursue them in UK or USA any chances for me

  41. Hae,i\’m Florence Achieng from Kenya i\’m kindly requesting if i can get a chance to pursue nursing in UK or any other country abroad through a free scholarship program. I\’ve completed my high school studies this year that is 2019

  42. I am Paul Asema Atogbon from Nigeria. I would like to get a scholarship to study a Post Graduate Diploma in Water Sanitation and Hygiene from African Center for Project Management in Kenya.
    Thank you.

  43. These programs its like they don\’t exist, now and then people are applying nothing comes out, are they real programs, we have been applying since last
    Year, 2018
    Convince me that they real

  44. It\’s all about determination and persistent in what you want, I am nothing than a zero but I always have a dream of becoming great just like any other person in this world. I really want a scholarship to help me achieve my dream. There is nothing that a person can appreciate than being help to be someone in future.

  45. I\’m hoping to study my Msc. Agriculture in your country on a free tuition fee. Am from Nigeria although still studying. Presently am in 400L400Level with a CGPA of 4.24.
    I will be glad and appreciative if you can offer me a chance of studying my masters in Europe

  46. yes accept for enrolling and fees payment, living cost for 2 years, visa to Australia ,study bachelor of councelling placement offer f for march 2019 at Australia , uncapable since I\’m in Solomon islands,low income country.

    Please help me make my dreams come true and asset in my professional duties to standards globally.

    kind regards

  47. I would like to pursue a course in tourism and hospitality but i cannot be able to raise the required funds .can I get a full scholarship to pursue the same??

  48. I would like pursue my career through your it seems more helping ,i like to do diesel plant fitter thank you in advance

  49. The main problem is raising some funds but my desire is to pursue my dream of becoming diesel plant fitter

  50. I am accepted at the S.MAB training academy for a course in advanced flight attended but i do not have money to purse my dream,and my family do not earn much to be able to pay for my fees.I need assistance with my fees.

  51. I am taking Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in marketing. I need scholarship because I dont have enough money for my tuition fee. Thank you

  52. Hi I really need a scholarship of LLM International Business Law from University of Cumbria or any institution, Please. Thank you

  53. Sweda Attayb, have you receive any respond ? or anyone …I have post and am still waiting for a respond. your assistanc is very much appreciated. Thank you

  54. I need scholarship for pilot training so as to achieve my dream and help mother. I a from Kenya currently taking Bachelor of Science in Information Technology. Please help me. Regards.

  55. My name is Ben from Nigeria. I need a full scholarship to do my PhD abroad. I\’ve concluded my Masters degree in University of Nigeria Nsukka.

  56. Hello my name is Abdiaziz Mohamed Noor and I am from Somalia I will like to request full scholarship in the filed of medicine I am fresh secondary leaver if I will be given I really appreciate thanks many indeed

  57. I need $500 to start my project I graduated in 2014 but am still jobless,please help me this is RENANG ALFRED QOTHELO from Africa (Lesotho)

  58. i am sibhat sinshaw graduated in 2018 by mechanical engineering. I humbly requested you to give scholarship program,

  59. My name is Muhammad Wasim wishing to study abroad but I cannot afford this load of money I want to study M.Phil or Mass communication effective study(like as Diploma/Certificate). i have got Master degree program from Pakistan HEC recognized university.

  60. My name is Muhammad Faheem wishing to study abroad but I cnt afford this load of money I want to study in media studies

  61. i am Hafiz shoaib younas graduated in 2018 by electrical engineering. I humbly requested you to give scholarship program,

  62. Need a scholarship to further my studies and work abroad am onesmus a nurse practitioner currently working in Kenya with a 1year experience.

  63. I have Bachelor Degree in civil engineering I want to study master\’s not have the money in order to study
    Please help me

  64. iam Abraham from Uganda I have a diploma in secondary teaching I request for your assistance iwant to get a degree but I don\’t have money

  65. Dear or Madam I am graduated from Ethiopia with Natural Resource Management . If I will chance I wish to learn Masters program in Environmental science.

  66. I\’m Nahom Desta and grade 10 student , I want to study medicine. Can you help me please! It\’s because I can\’t afford Money so I need scholarship.

  67. I want to study in Australia Iam a science student and would like to study there i would prefer scholorship program.

  68. I am Ssettumba Musa from Uganda and I wish to continue with my dream of studying medicine but I am facing a major problem of paying tution so I would like you to help me get a scholarship and I continue with my dream

  69. I am a first-year pharmacist assist student and I need assistance I believe that pharmacy is one of the best course as we do not only dispense medicine but we educate our community on health related issues my dream is to become a professional pharmacist.

  70. I have a diploma in animal production i am interested to learn in related field and I would like to further my studies but its impossible due to lack of tuition fee thank you.

  71. I am a veterinarian and want to obtain an MBA degree but I am being constrained by finances. Please help me with a scholarship. +2348138325517

  72. I am Guinea I am looking forward to joining any career master degree in the management and projet developpement sustainable sector . Am sure you will give me the chance so that I may also help another person and despite my poor background, you will consider me. Please help me with a scholarship. Thanks in advance.

  73. Am Mwesigye Ronney from uganda had B in Art And Hist but wit finicial problems hopin to purchase public policy

  74. Please I am badly in need of this help. I\’m a poor young fellow who is determine to learn but without a support. Please help me towards my dream.

  75. I am Promise from Nigeria… Please I need a student grant to complete my education in Nigeria… I am currently a student in one of the Nigerian universities…
    Thank you for your compliance

  76. Am from Cameroon and I have a second class upper divisions in accounting with a GPA of 3.3 from the university of Buea. Am applying for a scholarship to study for a masters degree in accounting and finance but I can\’t afford the cost. Will be very glad to be selected for this scholarship. Thanks

  77. I have bachelor of technology in computerise accounting and I need a scholarship to further my education

  78. I am a woman aged 46 and have a Bachelors of Education Degree(primary) with Great Zimbawe University. I majored in Music and would like to further with music studies if I can get a scholarship

  79. I\’m Stella keziah from Nairobi Kenya..I wasn\’t able to continue with my education because of school fees where by I was undertaking a diploma course in Business Management. If you can help me achieve my dreams I will appreciate. Thank you.

  80. I am Baffour Asare from Ghana and i want a schoolarship to study Bsc Mathematics. I have now completed my high school level. I will be glad if my request is accepted.

  81. Good day I am Mhaien Merced from Philippines and I really need a scholarship for in college for arts. I would be glad if I would given a chance to grant your scholarship. Thank you!

  82. I need money for my study at University of West of England (Bristol Inrternational College)Am ftom The Gambia .

  83. Hi, please I need a scholarship to start a university and I just finished My secondary school, I just hope that I get this scholarship

  84. hi,kindly looking for a scholarship
    your help will be highly appreciated
    and your quick response will be highly appreciated

  85. I\’m a current Year 13 student of University of the South Pacific, Fiji Islands.I need a scholarship to the USA. I would like to apply for a scholarship that could enable me to study in Baylor University of Medicine, Texas, USA. If possible I would be delighted to apply for one or two and start my medical studies abroad.

  86. Good morning sir, am nebokhe irene , i wish to upgrade with MBA in finance and accounting but am constrained with finanace , so please, am requesting for your kind support , thanks

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