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LifeAsapa International Scholarship 2021-2022

LIfeAsapa foundation offers a scholarship program for international students commencing their undergraduate degree for the academic year of 2021-2022. The scholarship was introduced to help the international students with their financial burdens. The program will assist them in pursuing their undergraduate degree in Denmark.  
As an international organization, LifeAsapa aims to enhance peoples living by helping them in improving or heightening resources, organizing the productions, an effectiveness on service delivery and all of this goal can be manage by continuing the advancement of self-learnings. LifeAsapa was established in the year 2013 and since then they are helping those young generation by offering different grants or scholarship.  
The organization of LifeAsapa will be awarding the international undergraduate students who will start their courses on a technical program a tuition fee and monthly scholarship that can be taken in selected University in Denmark. Please keep in mind that the scholarship will be intended to the international students and an exemption for the USA and Canada nationalities.  
To be eligible, the students must have 98% total score in an approved foundation program, must receive an offer to study at a selected university in Denmark for the technical undergraduate program, an international student who are not a permanent residence in the USA and Canada, haven’t attended at the higher education institutions, have good academic performance and grades from their previous institution, 44 marks on the Baccalaureate IB program for international students.  
To apply for the scholarship, interested students must prepare their supporting documents such as CV, Recommendation letters, a motivation letter consisting of 1000 words, academic transcript of records, the International students must possess a good oral and written English proficiency, you can also submit your GRE, TOEFL and IELTS results. All supporting document must be submitted along with the application at  scholarship@lifeasapa.com. All documents must be in a PDF form.  
The scholarship benefits of LifeAsapa for the international students wil be provided in to three types. 10,000 US dollars will be given to the students who are already in their bachelor’s degree for the payment of their tuition fees and a monthly award of 2,000 US dollar. 50% payments for the tuition fee for those in their third year in the bachelor’s degree courses, and a 100% payment towards their tuition fee or a full payment for the bachelor’s degree for the entire program period.  
The organization is not only to provide a financial aid for the student’s school fees but to also give them an opportunity in developing their future career. The company has launched this opportunity for the young generation to develop their technical skills that they may be needing in their future employment. The deadline for the scholarship application is until December 31, 2021.  

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