Free human right online courses for international activists.

The Amnesty Human Rights Academy is the Education and Training Institution of Amnesty International; they are offering different online courses in different languages such as English, Spanish, French and others. The best part, is that students are not needed to hold any kind of online degree related to the topics.

These online courses are:

  • An Introduction to Human Rights: This online course help students to understand how human rights relate to their own lives and prepares them to take action for human rights. At the end of this course, students will feel self-possessed to clarify what human rights are and have the information and abilities to protect and encourage human rights.
  • An Introduction to Human Rights Defenders: which is basically the same course but focused on the promotion and protection of these rights. All participants are encouraged to talk to their families and friends about human rights defenders and the problems faced by them, including the importance of defending human rights, building a society that respects human rights and explain the main role of an activist.
  • Freedom of expression ? A fundamental right: This short online course will prepare students with the information to appreciate and claim their own right to liberty of expression, and the abilities and sureness to take action to protect this right. Students will be able to think critically and devise effective actions to defend the human rights of others and themselves. Students will be able to adjust the human rights of freedom of expression, to link and to assemble real life situations and come face-to-face with human rights activists on the front line of human rights defense. It does not matter if the students are holding an online degree in journalism, the important thing is to feel capable to be part of this movement.
  • Humans? rights ? A tool for a change: This online course motivates students to get a better understanding of the human rights scheme and it will help them to feel empowered to support human rights. The online course invites you to learn human rights as an instrument for change and how to turn each activist into an agent of change. At the end of the course, the students will not only able to talk about the different definitions this topic links, they will also identify all the issues that most concern them and how the of these students? surroundings shape each problem they are currently facing.? Of course, once they identify these problems they will know how to tackle them without losing the protection and promotion of the human rights.
  • Taking a stance against death penalty: With this short course, students will shape why the death penalty violates human rights, will be able to dare public misconceptions about the death penalty and if they desire to, they will be taking action against the death penalty by becoming an activist.

The right to freedom from torture: in this last online course, all students will be capable of define torture without problems, recognize the exclusive status of torture and other ill-treatment under international law, to explain the present situation of torture worldwide and of course, to take action to stop torture and other ill-treatments by becoming an activist.

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  1. I\’m really concerned by this offer. My name is Tr?sor Ntumpu, from the Democratic Republic of Congo. What shall I do?

  2. Human Rights online course is a good course that benefit nations regardless of social or economic status.Send me further details please.

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  5. May I be one of the beneficiaries for this free online course as dealing with human right has been my dream. I want to be in a better position to help my fellow countrymen in these issues.

  6. Hi my name is Habtamu Legese l have diploma in medical laboratory technician l wont to learn your great university so l am poor could you help me

  7. am glad for this opportunity. am from Uganda and seeing what\’s going on in my country where the human rights are no longer respected, this course will help do I apply

  8. my name is Kennedy luga in Uganda refugees camp I\’m south sudaness refugee I\’m read for this chance thank you

  9. I am called Sheron from Cameroon.I am very inspired to take up this course due to the devastating nature of my country at this point in time.I am a student at the university of Buea,I wish to be given an opportunity to help me teach my country the importance of human right.

  10. I am mohammed from Ethiopia ,I am psychiatry nurse(degree) but I have high motivation to study course concerning human right because my country is on away to practice democracy and protect human right starting from last 2years

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  27. Its really a pleasure to have come across this info. Human right\’s promotion is a very important tool for national development and I want to be part of that change driver . Emmanuel Simbo kamara Sierra Leone

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    Thanks so much

  46. Hi, I /\’m Mafanikio Sylvester, it\’s a great chance for me to pursue this course for Human rights but my environment does not support me to aquire this course online and that would be very grateful for me to protect the human Rights which are dinied by noumerous leaders but if you can offer me suitable means to learn it please help me

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