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Free Ancient Egypt online courses for history lovers.

One of the most important universities in Spain has been offering different online courses. The Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB) has climbed to a historic position in the latest ranking of the best universities in the world, including its accredited online university program. In this opportunity, they are offering two historic-themed online courses: Egyptology, and The Valley of the Kings.

  • Egyptology

It is the perfect chance to get to know Ancient Egypt. This online course, offers a wide range of topics linked to the origins and the historical legacy of Egyptian culture. The participants can also access to the audiovisual material and complementary texts for a better understanding of the various items to be developed. The participants will start studying from the origins of the Ancient Egyptian, including the Pyramids and the most relevant figures the Egypt hides such as, Sinuh?, Hyksos, Amon, Amarna, and finally, Rosetta.

This accredited university motivates online degree students and online masters? professionals of History and Archeology. It is also focused at all the student public interested in the subject, regardless their online degree career.

In this course, online students will approach the temples of the ancient pharaohs, their funerary complexes, their cities, their hieroglyphic writing, their religion and many other aspects of this great civilization. With this the accredited online university intends to offer the participants an summary of the history and culture of this captivating civilization; provide the students with a teaching approach and high-level academic materials that allow them to enter the Egyptology world with a certain depth and without concerns to the usual topics that surround it, and then, if they wish, continue to deepen on their own.

  • The Valley of the Kings

This online course is perfect for all lovers of history and archeology, in general, and particularly to all those interested in Egyptology, regardless of their online degree.

The Valley of the Kings is one of the most important archaeological sites in Egypt and its study, from different tactics, is very eye-catching to any amateur or professional of Egyptology. With this distance learning program the online university proposes to recognize its history and evolution throughout the XVIII-XX dynasties of the New Egyptian Kingdom, from its origin to its desertion and dismantling.

Students will get introduced to the its geology and conservation world; they will study its archeology, full of exciting discoveries, research that does not stop, and archeologists who, like Howard Carter, associated their life to the Valley.

They will identify the society of the workers of Deir el-Medina who dug and ornamented these hypogea; the participants will get training part of the funeral material contained in some of its tombs, with special attention to the sarcophagi and royal ushebtis, as well as fish from the tomb of Tutankhamos.

All participants at the end on this online course will know the main religious texts and iconography that decorate the tombs of the kings. In short, it does not matter which online degree they are holding because this distance learning program will provide a complete study of the Valley of the Kings so they can get the knowledge of culture and the legacy of Ancient Egypt.

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