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Free HHRR online course for anyone offered by The University of Geneva.

The University of Geneva is currently positioned as one of the top 100 best institutions in the world, especially in the field of Humanities and Art. It means that it online education programs are as effective as their in-site programs.? That is why this online course on Human Rights of 8 weeks is a great opportunity to introduce everyone who is interested to the topic of international protection, exploring its sources, characteristics, categories and limits.

The students, it doesn?t matter their career or their online degree programs, will learn the principal ideas to comprehend the complex domain of human rights, its philosophical and historical foundations, instruments, mechanisms and other alternative ways.

Online university students and humanities professionals, as well as lawyers, journalists, politicians, diplomats, civil servants, members of NGOs, specialists in sustainable development, and all those interested in the subject should at least have Internet connection to access all the study material free of charge. Although the course is taught in French, participants have the option to activate subtitles in English. Each teaching module is complemented by a quiz that participants must answer acceptably and complementary readings.

Participants will get information related to the different concepts and characteristics of human rights, how all the Human Rights are at the international level, the sources of Human Rights according to the Legal Perspective, the Classical typology of Human Rights, the Legal Effects of Human Rights, the Limitations and international conflicts, how are applied the Human Rights and its evolution and also the future of these rights and what new opportunities we may have.

This online course is designed and taught by Professors Maya Hertig Randall and Michel Hottelier, from the Faculty of Law of the University of Geneva, especially from the accredited online university. During the distance learning program, several members of bodies and institutions dedicated to the protection of human rights and specialists from the academic community will be invited to intervene so the students enjoy the best experience they can while learning about this amazing topic.

The best part of this online course is that is willing to expose the sources of human rights from a legal perspective. It will simplify and extend, in the wake of preceding courts, the normative seat of human rights, the link between them and fundamental rights of national origin, as well as some of the problems posed by the coexistence of these guarantees. The course will have three objectives: ?to familiarize students with the legal sources of human rights; to identify and learn how to solve the problems generated by the coexistence of fundamental rights and human rights; to expose and emphasize the importance of international monitoring of respect for human rights.

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