College or postgraduate degree

If you are one of those people who really want that college or postgraduate degree, then it must have come to your liking when distance learning education started flourishing, paving the way for you to get things like associate degrees online. Distance learning education or online schooling is one great way to work for a degree.

By studying online, people can now work for a distance learning degree without leaving their homes to stay somewhere far. Furthermore, online education is also very helpful for those students who are working and studying at the same time since online courses can be easily accessed and easily scheduled for you to conveniently get your distance learning degree.

Online education can range from online associate degrees, bachelor?s, or even postgraduate courses. The diversity in online education has also been of great help to people since they can now work for a level of education or certification that they actually want like associate degrees online.

However, apart from working for online associate degrees, you may also consider applying for free college scholarships. A scholarship is a form of monetary assistance offered by organizations, foundations, or even schools themselves.

School grants can range from simple tuition discounts to fully supporting a student through their college or postgraduate studies with things like lodging, food, allowance, and all sorts of things covered. Applying for a school grant is relatively simple and the first thing you need to do is to find a scholarship that will suit you.

A couple of school grants you can look at are Scholarships for International Students Saint Michael?s College, Scholarships for International Undergraduate Students at Middlesex University in UK 2018, Scholarship Foundation of the Republic of Austria for International Students, and the Vice-Chancellor?s International Scholarship at Cardiff University. Visit their official websites and just follow the steps properly to apply for these free college scholarships.

If you are lucky enough, some of the scholarships you will find can also be applied to online associate degrees or further studies. By applying the said scholarships in distance learning education, you will be able to benefit on two fronts to get your bachelor?s, postgraduate, or associate degrees online.

Again, should you wish to pursue your education, you may either work for a distance learning degree or perhaps apply for free college scholarships to help you.

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211 Responses

  1. Hi,
    Please help me finance to do degree in leadership and management/psychological suties in Queensland Univeristy Austrlia, Im from the Solomon islands. and currently doing certificate in leadership and management at the Australian Pacific Technical college this year, in Solomon islands and woruld like to study further in degree programme.

    please help me .

    clotilda Claudia Harry

    kind regrads,

    clotilda Claudia Harry

  2. Pls I want to done PhD in Islamic study .is it possible fully funded scholarship and visa .my whatsapp number is 03417604935 and country code is0092

  3. I need financial assistance to study abroad for a degree in computer science,,, please help I am in Kenya code +254
    Contact me +254714309116

  4. Hello, i am Yenew yaregal from Ethiopia. i am male, i am 21 years old. i am under graduate student now i am second year student in woldia university in the department of information technology IT. my grade results in the campus is above 3.5 i am voluntary send my academic documents for you .
    Thank you .

  5. I will be grateful if you fulfill my dream of being a social worker.I want to study social work,

    Thank you.

  6. hi. am from kenya studying basic science in maseno university.going to second year.please help me financially to finish my course.i lack school fees

  7. I am from Ethiopia, I want to learn Master of Science in Natural resource Management or GIS and Remote Sensing or Forestry Or any related fields to environment. if you give me the chance am 100% sure I will be very successful.

  8. hello,i\’m tekilu from ethiopia, Ido have a deep inspire to continue education. I belive education poer for challenges of life. So I would like tacke those challenges by this fireless weapon. But I have mised free scholarship or fund for my educational program. please you belive in education help me in this issue if you can. with my best regards.

  9. am in my first year Kampala international university but have have lost my all parents I can\’t access education I asked for ahead semester please help me finish my Bachelor\’s degree in Human Rights

  10. I want to step forward with my studies but I luck financial support. I have a bachelor degree in Computer science.Please, help me!

  11. Hi my name is David duop Simon I live in the refugee camp kakuma in kenya I\’m a S.Sudanese by nationality I\’ve a dream to fulfil but I lack financial support I wish to Pursue my study due to that I don\’t have any help I wanted to be film maker which I already had a certificate but I wanted to make it a full degree so if it\’s possible you may Grant me this chance to offer me your scholarship either I can do it online or full scholarship I\’ll be so appreciative I\’m looking forward to your reply thanks

  12. Dear Sir/ Madam,
    Iam from Cameroon and I have a Diploma in Teaching in biology from the University of Bamenda and I would like to apply for bachelor degree in biochemistry, but I lack financial support from my parents. However, I would like you people to consider me on scholarship programme.
    I will be very please to if you help me out of this situation.
    Many thanks,

  13. iam from ethiopia and I have a bachelor of degree in psychiatry nurse.I want to learn my post graduate class (masters degree) in USA , please helps me with a scholarship.

  14. hello am benon from uganda and i want to study a degree in electrical engineering . is there any country to fund me to study from any area me the world . thanks

  15. for 2 year I Graduated Bachelor in Eletrical Engineering From Ethiopian Universty and I have not got the job there is a racial and poltical upriseing in my country. I realy want to learn mastre dgree but a poor boy I have not money please help me to learn free fully funded scholarship

  16. It is my will to study medicine as a Doctor. Though financial challenge do I face now, I still believe and hope that there still is a chance. Looking forward to your astounding helping hand.

  17. I greet you in the name of His grace,i currently run a program in marine engineering,with regimental training,i will be grateful if i can achieve my dream with any foreign institution..we lack ships down here

  18. I am Bulenge Neckton,a male Ugandan aged 24 currently holding a Uganda Diploma in Business Studies. I want to further my studies in USA, UK, south Africa or Australia for a burchelors degree in ACCOUNTING AND FINANCE MANAGENENT OR BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. I humbly and kindly request for a free college sponsorship so that i shall also be able to give back to my community and the world at large.
    My country code:+256
    My watsapp number:+256789988093

  19. I am glad if I get this chance but I am In Ethiopia and how could I get the courses online network connection is too poor and too costly. Please help me to to make the difficulties easily capable ?

  20. I wanted to study in the UK especially Cambridge university on Geography course,Anglo Saxon and Mathematics so please can you granted me a fully funded scholarship?I want to do my first year next year.

  21. my desire is to study abroad.if offered this chance,i would be very grateful.I am a first year taking bachelor of science in renewable energy in Multimedia university of Kenya.i look foward for your consideration.

  22. my name is Pauline from Zambia, I need a scholarship to study degree in nursing in Canada. it has been my desire to study abroad, more especially at the university of Toronto. I will be very greatful if u help me. thank you

  23. I will appreciate if you grant me an opportunity to proceed with my studies, I have undergraduate degree and i wish to proceed to Postgraduate with your help.

  24. Hi, I need a scholarship to enable me pursue a Master of Arts in Sustainable Environmental Management at Middlesex University in the UK

  25. Hello all
    Please I need this scholarship to study ,this is my information
    Name: Charles conteh
    Address :#2 Water street Rotifunk lungi
    Country: Sierra Leone
    Phone number: +23230741369/+23275190678

  26. I got an email that canada is waiting for me, and it has given me a scholarship ,thats humber international university, i clearly comfirm that its granted and am ready to start studying ,
    thanks goes to you all my friends who have prayed for me, ,am ready to start ,so just inbox me of whats next,then we go ahead.

  27. Hi ! I\’m from Ethiopia and I have ETS result,
    I need to join one of USA colleges/universitys by scholarship. I have also sponsur so if you can please help me.

  28. Am Jerry from Nigeria I want to study business administration and information systems in the US, how do I go about it?

  29. I want to have a full scholarship and financial support to study on a business school i europe for bachelor\’s degree..thank you in advance

  30. Hi I\’m Alice from Rwanda I want to have full scholarship in IATA if it\’s impossible and I\’m very interested and ready to study.thank you

  31. This is Olango Ochan Ethiopian by nationality and currently in Kenya as a refugee I am very interested in this scholarship. I want to study Nursing if given chance . thanks in advanced.

  32. am keita Oumar from Guinea Conakry. I have finished with my high school level.currently i need scholarship to further my education.i need your help to grand me that great opportunity please.i still want to learn.

  33. My Name is Eric ISHIMWE I Live in Rwanda It is so luck to come to study in Cardiff University
    so tell me how i can come after applying ?

  34. Am so appreciative for the assistance that you\’ve offered to colleague students who are yearning to further their education. Am equally in need of your help,am a continuing student at the university of eldoret undertaking agricultural and biosystems engineering,really need financial bail up to meet my dream.regards

  35. Please I need to do a diploma mining engineering, please send me more information about it and how long can it take.

  36. I\’m an orphan, I want to study Electrical electronics engineering, I have tried thrice to go to school without any support but to no avail. One time I got half way & out again(dropout). I have the practical knowledge but no certification to apply for any befitting job. I\’m an adult(36) already no organisation assists our type of orphans. I can even work(Electrical, CCTV, Air Conditioner, Installation, Maintenance services) to pay my tuition (but the Nigeria factor of you have to know someone who is in position won\’t allow). I have been striving against the odds all by myself. If there\’s still help in the world, I pray to see one day but until then I\’ll be waiting & looking up!

  37. I am Collins from Kenya and I wanted to study for my second degree in Agricultural engineering in Australia, but I have less support.. please consider this man.Thanks in advance.

  38. I am from Ethiopia i have Bsc in clinical nursing and i am working now, my interest is to learn internal medicine but i am financially poor fee the payment who can pay my educational payments, please contact me on my phone number +251916599610 and supersize me in this new year.

  39. I Was graduate July 7;2018 by mechanical engineering but i want to study my master degree by automotive and transportation engineering but am not reach to cover fee. If there is any volentery person, company or somone who has capital can help me to achive my dream.

  40. hi hope every thing thought x mas was very okey am oswald natuhwera a male Ugandan holding a certificate in medical laboratory and i need to go for further studies if given this chance i wish u well thank u very much for the offer

  41. Thank you for sending all your emails. Actually I\’m looking for scholarship to study a PhD in full time, and not abroad. My topic is microbiology which is impossible to be studying online. Regards.

  42. Im finding someone who can help to become a scholar. I need full scholarship to study abroad to reach my dream and goals. A lot of thank you to someone who can help me to become a scholar to study abroad.

  43. I need financial assistance to study aerospace engineering. I\’m in Zimbabwe
    Please contact on +263738263169

  44. I am Jutowo J. Dolo from Liberia need your scholarship assistant to complete my study in development economic at Atlantic International University .I am studying at both the master and PhD levels.

  45. Iam samuel kubulwamwana.i need a scholarship to study abroad for a post graduate or a master in mathematics .

  46. Masters degree in Health system management and administration
    MSC in Public Health.Partially or fully funded scholarship is needed.

  47. My name is Media Dhliwayo I need a scholarship to study abroad for post graduate or Bachelors degree of Management of Hospitality

  48. i am a student with disability. i have BA degree in anthropolology and working at the ministry of culture and tourism as cultural values and development expert. due to my finacial and multi rooted problems i cant to continue my MA. if i got the chance of scholarship i will make fruitful your support via attending my program succesfully. thanks for your consideration.

  49. My name is Rahamane Miko Sanoussi from Niger, i have degree in medical biology i need your support to obtaine master degree in bio technology.

  50. J\’ai une licence en biologie m?dicale et je voudrais votre aide qui me permettra d\’aller en master.

  51. I am a Kenyan student who had completed high school last year and I would like to further my studies in the University, I would be much grateful if I get the scholarship

  52. Am Emmanuel Chilongo from Zambia am a young man passionate to study abroad,I would really appreciate if I will be given a chance to study for medicines

  53. I\’m a Ugandan Is it possible to study from abroad any country what matters is the education obtained Help me out please !!!!! I\’m applying for bachelor in Business/business administration May God/Allah bless you all AMEN

  54. i want to do degree in medicine and surgery in United Kingdom, am i able to get fully funded scholarship? please assist me all your best

  55. Am a brilliant,intelligent,hard working,ambitious and courageous young lady,I\’m from Namibia,early this year I applied at one of our universities in Namibia,and was atmitted IUM,but was only able to pay registration fee and not tution fees as there is no one to pay for me,my mother is unemployed and my father passed on long ago,she struggled for me till I finish my high school,am doing a certificate in business administration,please please help me,I want to further my studies,I will be very grateful,+264815950031

  56. I am in South Africa, I am Sinazo Zoko 21,I am looking for internship or job when I finish my studies, it is my final year in marketing diploma,
    Thank you.

  57. Hello, i am zebiba from Ethiopia. i am under graduate student now i am study pharmacy at st. Lideta college of health science. Plus i need scholarship to finish my education can you help me please?
    Thank you .

  58. Please help me financially to fulfill my dreams am an orphan and I don\’t have any support please help me 0655914338

  59. I have a bachelor\’s of arts education degree, with majors in Geography and English.. I want help in securing a masters degree in disaster risk reduction and climate change and development.. in Australia, or Japan and orunited kingdom

  60. Sir,

    Yes ,would like to consider scholarship to do postgraduate Diploma degree online in leadership and management. at University or in Pacific region should it be okay.

    thank You very Much.

  61. I\’m called roger kazige, I\’m just studying in college of education in Rwanda and I would like to ask whether you can help me to get masters in physics and chemistry

  62. I want to do a history course in USA but I am from a poor family which cannot afford to pay my tuition for the degree I need.

  63. S\’il vous plait! Je voudrais vous demander une aide boursiere pour l\’etude environnementale en Australie. En effet, je suis n? dans une famille pauvre, personne ne peut me faire payer les ?tudes. Merci d\’avance!

  64. hello,i\\?m tekilu from ethiopia, Ido have a deep inspire to continue education. I belive education poer for challenges of life. So I would like tacke those challenges by this fireless weapon. But I have mised free scholarship or fund for my educational program. please you belive in education help me in this issue if you can. with my best regards.

  65. Hi
    I would like to finish my fitting and turning course . i have finished n3 and i am not financially stable to further my studies . thanks in advance

  66. I am happy for this opportunity thank you so much. i want to continue with masters degree in social work and management

  67. i want to do degree in medicine and surgery in United Kingdom, am i able to get fully funded scholarship? please assist me all your best

  68. Hi I\’m Jica Mia De Castro. I\’m from the Philippines and I want a full scholarship for my college. I hope you can help me. 🙁

  69. Am Biryomumeisho Isamail from Uganda. I request for a scholarship to further my studies to bachelors in public health or social work & social administration
    country code; +256
    phone No. +256779218118 / +256752579450

  70. I want to further my education in economics and finance abroad. Please help me with a fully funded scholarship that will help me accomplish my dreams. Thank you.

  71. I want to have a degree in Electrical engineering and I hope I\’ll get a scholarship. I\’m looking to hear from you as soon as possible

  72. Hallo I am prince from rwanda. I want to have a degree in civil or mechanical engineering please help me with a fully founded scholarship to fulfill my dreams. I\’ve been trying so may times but let me hope that this time i am gonna succeed. Thank you so much may God bless You. Country code is +025 and my watsap numbers. 0780611444

  73. Hi sir. I have degree of Telecommunication engineering .
    I want scholarship please contact me
    My country code 252 my phone number 634109588 or what\’s up…

  74. Sir I have completed my Mphil degree in the dot of space science with 3.75 CGPA
    now I want to apply for PhD in astrophysics , physics or space physics

  75. My name is oyindamola am sitting for the 2019 waec examination am requesting for the scholarship to study accounting

  76. I am Kakaire Abdulmaliki from Uganda aged 23years. I need that scholarship to pursue my degree in any related course.


  78. Hello my name is Sifiso. I am doing currently in grade 12 and would like to study for aeronautical engineering in Russia. Please help me .

  79. Hey thanks for the information.But I wanted bachelor in network engineering. Can you please help the way I can receive a full cholarship in it?

  80. Hello am Terry A Wennie from Liberia really need a schalorship in computer can I get a help from hear am also a college student at Starz college studying computer so can anyone please help me out of here to go and get a better education.

  81. ?????? ????? ??? ???? ??? ?????? ? ??? ?? ????? ???? interview
    ???? ???????? ??????? ?? ???????? ????? ?? ???????? ??????? ?????????

  82. i am munezero which came for Rwanda i am verry happer for apply thanks for about you servises give i wish you have good time

  83. Myname is Clotilda Claudia Harry from Solomon Islands, graduate in Diploma Business, leadership and management, postgraduate certificate in leadership and management. Please offer me a Full scholaship to study ostrgaduate Diploma to Masters in leadership and management nad Business studies( International Business startup studies in Tourism.

    Accept to study at is the EU Business school, please provide me a Scholaship to pay for my course fees, student visa and travel .

    Please I need you help.

    Ms. Clotilda Claudia Harry

  84. Greetings, I will like to study master\’s in agriculture at your university, please I need a fully or even partial scholarship

  85. Hi please leave me message to where i need to further move forward, i really need assistance.
    Thank you.
    i want to complete my master program Accounting and Management or in Auditing

  86. good day sir, I am from Cameroon and a high school leaver, I am by this trying to make my interest to study ( BUSINESS STUDIES) in your institutions known,
    Best wishes,
    Jick Julius Bohteh

  87. hi my name is habtamu legese from Ethiopia i have medical l;aboratory technologist i wont to laren Ms by heamatology

  88. I really wish to complete my Masters English language at the university of The Gambia. I want scholarship or sponsorship

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