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Comprehensive student grant for Peruvians to study and earn a degree in Japan

The Government of Japan offers 4 types of scholarships to Peruvian students and professionals. Among the requirements is being under 35 years of age and a university graduate for the postgraduate modality; and be under 24 years of age and graduated from high school or attending the last year of the same for undergraduate, technical and occupational modalities. The Government of Japan, within the framework of academic cultural cooperation with Peru and taking into account the relations of good friendship between the two countries, offers four types of scholarships to Peruvian students and professionals. Registration for these four types of scholarships, currently in call, will culminate on Thursday, May 30 for undergraduate, technical and occupational, and Thursday, June 6 for...

College or postgraduate degree

If you are one of those people who really want that college or postgraduate degree, then it must have come to your liking when distance learning education started flourishing, paving the way for you to get things like associate degrees online. Distance learning education or online schooling is one great way to work for a degree. By studying online, people can now work for a distance learning degree without leaving their homes to stay somewhere far. Furthermore, online education is also very helpful for those students who are working and studying at the same time since online courses can be easily accessed and easily scheduled for you to conveniently get your distance learning degree. Online education can range from online...